I am a Robotic System Scientist at GE Global Research. I am now investigating Intelligent Robotics, Autonomous Robotics, Human-Robot InteractionControl Systems, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). I am interested in deploying robots to assist humans to perform various tasks in different domains.

I have 12 years research and development experience in robotics and control systems. I published 27 research papers published (8 additional papers are under review or in preparation) and participated in more than 20 robotics related projects. I worked as a reviewer for international journals and more than ten international conferences. 

I finished my PhD study in Electrical Engineering at the Center for Intelligent Systems of Vanderbilt University. My PhD research is to integrate imitation learning and cognitive control for humanoid robots. This enables robots to learn behaviors from humans, make decisions, find solutions, switch tasks according to current situation requirements, plan behavior sequences and generate behaviors to complete tasks. In our lab, we have developed a pneumatic-driven robot, and I also proposed a novel stochastic adaptive control method to recursively estimate a robot manipulator model and control the manipulator. 

Before coming to United States, I worked as an engineer at Graduate School at Shenzhen, Tsinghua University of China. At Tsinghua University, the best university of China in engineering research, I led a research team to design stereo vision systems. 

I obtained master degree from Nankai University and bachelor degree from Tianjin University. At Nankai University, I developed embedded electronic systems and control systems for a surgical robot, a mobile robot and a micro-manipulation robot. I also worked as a student intern at NKTY High Tech Development Ltd. to develop an Embedded Communication Server for campus network. This product has been commercialized and sold to many institutions. At Tianjin University, the first university of China, I learned basic knowledge about control theory and control engineering and experienced creating control systems for electrical devices and control architectures for building automation.