13 years research and development experience in Robotics,  Artificial Intelligence, and Control Systems. 5 years research and development experience in Embedded Mechatronic System Design. 

Obtained 35 awards, including  "Early Career Award”, “Outsize Impact Team Award”, Extraordinary Impact”, Above & Beyond Gold Award”, etc. Participated in 25 funded projects and have 40 Invention Disclosures on Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Control Systems, and Machine Learning, 16 Pending Patents, and 30 publications.

Leading robotics research teams and working on Healthcare Robotics, Field Service Robotics, Unmanned Aerial Service Robotics, Collaborative Robotics, Human-Robot Interaction, Robotics Platform, etc.

Team leader and technical leader for developing intelligent systems and creating innovative fundamental technologies on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. Work as a reviewer for international journals and tens of international conferences. I am interested in deploying robots to assist humans to perform various tasks in different domains. 

I am now a Lead Research Scientist at Global Research Center, General Electric Company. I am a founding member, key technical leader , and driver for GE Guardian Robotics Program and GE “Edge Lab” (focusing on AI and Robotics) and working on Healthcare Autonomous Service Robotics, Field Autonomous Service Robotics, Unmanned Aerial Autonomous Service Robotics, Human-Robot Interaction, Robotics Platform, etc., funded by US Veteran Affair Department, GE Corporate, GE Venture, GE Digital, GE Transportation, GE Oil & Gas, GE Power & Water, etc. I am working as technical leader and team leader for developing intelligent robotic systems and creating innovative fundamental technologies on Artificial Intelligence, Robot Learning, Robotic Mobile Manipulation, and Cognitive Robotics. I am leading research on: Robotic Imitation Learning, Motion Planning, Behavior/Task Planning, Multi-Robots Coordination, Visual Servo Control,  Behavior Generation, Localization, Environmental Modeling, Human-Robot Natural Interaction (Speech and Gesture), Cognitive Architecture, etc.

At GE, I obtained 28 awards, including Early Career Award”, “Outsize Impact Team Award”, “Extraordinary Impact” (Highest Distinction for Employee Performance in GE), “Above & Beyond Gold Award”, “Above & Beyond Silver Award” (4 times), “Above & Beyond Bronze Award” (6 times), “Patent Award” (14 times), etc.

I obtained PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from EECS Department of Vanderbilt University. I worked at Center for Intelligent Systems and my PhD research focused on Robot Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Cognitive Robotics. I integrated robotic imitation learning and cognitive control within Human-Robot-Interaction (HRI) on a humanoid robot. This HRI-based system enables robots to process sensory information, learn behaviors from humans, make decisions and find solutions using AI methods and through cognitive processes, switch tasks and strategies according to current situations, and generate behaviors to assist humans or to perform tasks independently. In my PhD research, I proposed and created some innovative algorithms on Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Robotics, including: Dimension Reduction and Modeling of Temporal-Spatial Data, Behavior Primitive Learning, Behavior Sequence Search and Generation, Human-Robot Natural Interaction (Speech and Hand Gesture), Decision Making, Affordance Learning, Cognitive Control, and Cognitive Architecture.

Before coming to United States, I worked as an engineer at Graduate School at Shenzhen, Tsinghua University of China. At Tsinghua University, the best university of China in engineering research, I led a research team to create embedded stereo vision systems. 

I obtained master degree from Nankai University and bachelor degree from Tianjin University. At Nankai University, I developed embedded mechatronic systems and control systems for surgical robots, mobile service robots and bio-medical micro-manipulation robots. I also worked as a student intern at NKTY High Tech Development Ltd. to develop an Embedded Communication Server for campus network. This product has been commercialized and sold to many institutions. At Tianjin University, the first university of China, I learned basic knowledge about control theory and control engineering and experienced creating control systems for electrical devices and control architectures for building automation.