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Huanjing Yue (岳焕景)

Assistant Professor

School of Electrical and Information Engineering
Tianjin University (天津大学) 

Address: Building 26, Tianjin University, No. 92, Weijin Rd., 
Nankai District, Tianjin, China, 300072

Email: huanjingyue@gmail.com   huanjing.yue@tju.edu.cn


I got my Ph. D. degree in School of Electronic Information Engineering at Tianjin University in 2015. I was jointly supervised by Prof. Feng Wu (USTC), Dr. Xiaoyan Sun (MSRA) and Prof. Jingyu Yang (Tianjin University). Before that, I received my B.E. degree in Electronic Information Engineering from Tianjin University in 2010.

My PhD research focused on cloud-based image processing. Different from traditional methods, my PhD thesis explores utilizing external correlated images to improve coding efficiency and image restoration quality.   

I am currently working on deep learning based image restoration and computer vision.

Work Experience

·   Assistant Professor, School of Electrical and Information Engineering, Tianjin University     2015.7 - present

·   Research Intern, Microsoft Research Asia, Beijing, China                                                     2011.8 - 2012.8 & 2013.7 - 2015.4

·   Visiting Scholar, University of California San Diego (UCSD), San Diego, US                        2016.8 - 2017.8



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  • Elite Scholar Program of Tianjin University, 2017
  • First-class technological invention award by Tianjin Municipal Government, 2016 (Ranked 9)     
  • National Scholarship, 2008, 2013