Since I am going to graduate soon, I am searching for new opportunities for my future career now!

SHI Huaizhou received his Bachelor’s Degree in Network Engineering in 2006 and his Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering in 2008. 

He is pursuing his PhD in the Embedded Software Group since 2009 and he is going to defense himself soon at Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), The Netherlands.

His research interests are Fairness issues and resource allocation in wireless networks, Cognitive Radio Networks, green networks, device to device IEEE 802.22 networks(D2DWRAN) and Zigbee networks. His latest interests also include data center technologies. 

Specialties: Resource allocation, Fairness, D2D communications, cellular networks, IEEE 802.22/16/11af, LTE, LTE-A, energy efficiency, data center, wireless networks, smart grid and other related issues.

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