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Backup Exec - stuck in Discovering Devices

posted Feb 15, 2012, 1:04 PM by Huaiyu Ren

Several things will be addressed here. After a LiveUpdate failure, BE was having problem communicating with the Quantum Superloader. Of course the first thing you want to check is Windows Device Manager. If there is a hardware failure (SCSI card, Superloader itself), then you would expect Windows would fail to recognize the Superloader and it will showup either as “Unknown Device” with no driver installed or not show up in Device Manager at all. Another thing is that you want to make sure both the Superloader(Under “Media Changer” branch) and the Tape Drive be listed in Device Manager.


In this case we see both listed as it should be. So it appears that this is a software problem. What we did then was to

1.       Update BE to latest patch. In this case we actually downloaded the trial version of BE 2010 R3 DVD image file and did a complete uninstall then install of BE. Note, before uninstall BE, need to save all custom templates, policies, media set definitions, backup selections, bakcup jobs.

2.       Installed latest driver for the SCSI card that the Superloader connected to. The SCSI card we are using is of LSI Logic brand (called LSIU320 Host Adapter). We went to the vendor’s website and downloaded latest driver.

3.       Some HP services might need to be disabled for it to work properly. This might not be necessary but we did it.


After the above steps the we power cycled the Server and Superloader (Shut down server, shut down Superloader, turn on Superloader and wait for it to be ready, then turn on the server). It did not work initially (BE still stuck in Discovering Devices mode) but after a long wait it BE somehow recognized the Superloader and did a Inventory on the tape library. After that you just need to reconfigure all the backup selections, templates, policies, media sets(make sure to set import media to be overwritten without prompt, otherwise the backup job will stop and ask you whether to overwrite a blank imported tape before continue), backup jobs. Also need to configure a Inventory job before all backup jobs so new tapes swapped in can be recognized (this might be able to be replaced by a simple initialing and scan once all tapes are registered in tape library), and a unlock library job after backup is done.