Hua Cha Hash Pedalers

Bike Across Thailand

Join dozens of cyclists as we bicycle completely across Thailand on Wednesday 18 December.

Leaving  at 11:am at the Thai-Burma border at Singkhon near Prachuapkhirikhan it is all downhill to the Thai Air Force 5th Wing at beautiful Ao Manao where you reward yourself for winning this challenging achievement with some good grub and cold beer or ?? at the food court on the beach.

All you need is a functioning bicycle and the desire to ride completely across Thailand from west to east for a grand total of 21 kilometres. You also need to be able to transport yourself and your bike to the Singkhon Border Checkpoint.

You will be presented a Certificate of Achievement if we have your name ahead of the event.

For more info call DON at 0850887181



Getting to the Burma Border at Singkhon

From Hua Hin, drive South to 331.5 km. Turn right. Go 8 km and turn left at sign to border. Go 5 km to border and park.

Getting to Beach from Border:

On your bike to 5 km and turn right at intersection then go 8 km to Petchkasem.

Carefully cross Petchkasem and go straight across heading east.

At about 1 km come to railroad. Go beneath it to the right to get to the other side.

In the other side, go left or north for 1.4km.

Coming to a sala or bus stop on your right, turn right. You will go along for about 1.7 km passing shrimp farms on your left.

When you come to intersection by temple, go left.

Go about .4 km and come to traffic signal. Go thru it and go about 1.1 km to gate of Wing 5. There is an old aircraft to the left of the gate. You need no ID and usually need not stop at this gate.

From the gate, continue on for about 1.2 km until you come to food & beverage court on left.

You made it.


For some more info about Ao Manao, click on the link below:




If you wish to join us but do not have a ride, get in touch with Don at 0850887181 well before the middle of December and we might be able to arrange a lift for you.