Huafeng Yu is a senior researcher with Boeing Research & Technology. He is currently working on Safety, Assurance and Certification of Unmanned Aircraft Systems and Self-Driving Cars. His main research interests include formal methods, model-based engineering, architecture exploration, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cyber security, and safety certification. Before joining Boeing, he has been working in TOYOTA, ALTRAN, INRIA, Gemplus, and Panasonic. Huafeng received his PhD from INRIA and University of Lille 1 (France, 2008) and Master's from University Joseph Fourier (France, 2005), both in Computer Science.

Huafeng is currently a member of IEEE Technical Committee on Cybernetics for Cyber-Physical Systems (CCPS) and chair of its industry outreach subcommittee. He is also a member of SAE standard committee for AADL. Huafeng serves as associate editor of IET Journal on Cyber-Physical Systems,  guest editor of IEEE Transaction on Sustainable Computing and ACM Transactions on Cyber-Physical Systems. Huafeng is serving or has served on Program Committee of DAC, DATE, ICCAD, SAC, ICPS, DASC, SmartWorld, ARCH, SLIP, WICSA and CompArch, and AVICPS.



Research interests

  • Safety, Assurance and Certification: Unmanned Aircraft Systems and Self-Driving Cars
  • Software Verification & Validation: formal methods, timing analysis, and software certification
  • Model-Based Engineering: model-based design and model-based systems engineering
  • Software Architecture: architecture exploration and optimization
  • Emerging Technologies: machine learning and cyber security

Recent publications

Efficient Statistical Validation of Autonomous Driving Systems
H. Yu, W. Shi, M. Alawieh, C. Yan, X. Zeng, X. Li, and H. Yu
In Safe, Autonomous and Intelligent Vehicles, Springer, 2018.

Compositional Verification for Autonomous Systems with Deep Learning Components
C. Pasareanu, D. Gopinath, and H. Yu
In Safe, Autonomous and Intelligent Vehicles, Springer, 2018.

Safe, Autonomous and Intelligent Vehicles
Yu, H., Li, X., Murray, R.M., S, Ramesh., Tomlin, C.J. (Eds.)
Springer series: Unmanned System Technologies, ISBN 978-3-319-97300-5, to apprear, 2018.

Algorithm and Hardware Implementation for Visual Perception System in Autonomous Vehicle: A Survey
W. Shi, M.B. Alawieh, X. Li, H. Yu
Integration, the VLSI Journal, 59: 148-156, Elsevier, 2017.

Cyber-Physical System Design from an Architecture Analysis Viewpoint

S. Nakajima, J. Talpin, M. Toyoshima, H. Yu, (Eds.)
Springer, ISBN: 978-9-811-04435-9, 2017.

Safety Guard: Runtime Enforcement for Safety-Critical Cyber-Physical Systems
M. Wu, H. Zeng, C. Wang, H. Yu
Invited paper in ACM/EDAC/IEEE Design Automation Conference (DAC'17), June, 2017.

Cyber-Physical Systems in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
H. Yu
Invited tutorial in International Symposium on Quality Electronic Design (ISQED'17), March 14, 2017.

Efficient statistical validation of machine learning systems for autonomous driving
                    W. Shi, M.B. Alawieh, X. Li, H. Yu, N. Arechiga, and N. Tomatsu
                    In IEEE/ACM International Conference on Computer-Aided Design (ICCAD), 2016: 36, DOI, Nov. , 2016.

Granted patents

Supervising Method for Dynamic and Large Data Loads in Automotive Systems
U.S. Patent No. 10,124,779, Issue date: November, 2018

Compatibility Module to Support an Automotive System Upgrade
U.S. Patent number: 10001988, Issue date: June 2018

Japan Patent No. JP6245388B2, Granted on December 2017

Automobile modification system providing security and fault tolerance support
U.S. Patent No. 9824509, Issue date: November, 2017

Japan Patent No. JP2017138969A, Granted on January 2017

Timing-oriented and architecture-centric system design using contracts
U.S. Patent No. 9459840, Issue date: October, 2016

Bottom-up approach for integrating models for software components using contracts
U.S. Patent No. 9477446, Issue date: October, 2016


   Cyber-Physical System Design from an Architecture Analysis Viewpoint: Communications of NII Shonan Meetings