Committee news

The committee of Hackney U3A meets once a month at the Alf Partridge memorial hall (see map).

Alf Partridge Memorial Hall

Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of the month at 10:30.  Any member may attend to observe but should contact the chair before doing so.

The committee is elected annually at the AGM, and members normally serve for a 3 year term.

The committee elects a chair and officers.

The current composition of the 2017/18 committee is as follows;

Barry Blinko, Chair

    Deputy Chair Vacancy

Janet Solomon, Secretary

Patricia Semain, Treasurer

Jane Dixon, Minutes Secretary 

Judy Owen, Monthly Meeting Organiser

Barbara Patilla, Membership Secretary

Dermott Wynne, IT Support

Sally Llewellyn, What’s On

Mike Llewellyn, What’s On

Monica Blake, Website

Hilary B Lee

Group Coordinator Vacancy


posted 18 Jan 2010, 02:43 by Hackney U3A   [ updated 19 Aug 2015, 07:12 ]

Following the last AGM we can announce that we don't need new committee members at present.

However, members are always welcome to attend Committee meetings particularly around AGM time in October to further an interest in going on the committee in the future. 


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