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Group Leader:  Michael Shore

Time:  Varies, but normally morning starts

Information on walks is normally emailed and publicised at monthly Members Meetings.

Place: Various locations 

Short to medium walks, nearly always on footpaths away from busy roads – by rivers, canals, parks and woods.  There are usually places of interest to point out en route. The pace is also very gentle. There are always break–off points for persons who do not do the whole walk.

Picts from our Runnymede Walk


Forthcoming walks

Please see What'sOn for details of the next outing

Paul Farren reports on a recent walk on the River Thames: Our monthly walks are led by Michael Shore who this month took us to Canada Water by the Thames to do a circular walk of the area which was once the bustling Dockland of the Port of London. Now it is a beautiful residential area, but areas of water remain and every so often we came across artistic maps which told us the history of the place. A ‘monument’ which I found particularly interesting was in the form of a large iron circle set into the ground. Along its edges were the points of the compass and lines radiated to these points from the centre. Along each line was written the name of a place in that direction, its distance fron London and the cargos which were brought from that place….fascinating. The whole area is full of interesting sites, including a large marina on which brightly-coloured boats were being sailed and a swingbridge. After lunch, we took a long walk to Greenwich, passing fine views of the Thames and the Canary Wharf complex and passing the magnificent statue of Tsar Peter the Great who came to this country to learn how to build a navy for Russia. We had tea in the Greenwich Museum which is full of fine exhibits and close to both the Naval College and the quaint winding streets of Greenwich itself. As a north Londoner, south-of-the-Thames is strange country to me and on this walk I saw places which I had not known the existence of! And after days of greyness and rain, the sun shone for us…a welcome bonus.    

Getting our bearings on Regents Canal