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Italian Film

The group meets on the first Wednesday of the month at 14:00 at Gordon's (group leader) home.

The Group watches Italian Films with Italian subtitles. Fluency in Italian is not necessary but expect a bit of banter in Italian.

Leader: Gordon Gregory 020 8985 7422. Venue: Gordon’s home. Please contact Gordon for more details.

Please note that in January 2020 this group will meet on the 2nd Wednesday.

On Wednesday, 8 January at 14:00, we will watch "Il primo Uomo" (2012) directed by Gianni Amelio and starring Jacques Gamblin, Maya Sansa and Denis Podalydès. 103 minutes, 7 awards and 2 nominations.

IMDB says "The first man is an adaptation of the unfinished autobiographical novel "Le Premier Homme" by the French writer Albert Camus. It tells the story of Jacques Cormery and his childhood in Algeria."

Cineuropa says "We follow Jacques Comery as he travels back to Algeria in 1957, a place full of childhood memories. The country is split between those wanting to remain a part of France, and those demanding independence. Reminiscences of his mother, his stern grandmother and a young Arab boy come flooding back."

On Wednesday, 5 February at 14:00, we will watch "Sole a catinelle" (2013) directed by Gennaro Nunziante and starring Checco Zalone (who also co-wrote it). 87 minutes, 2 nominations.

This is a very funny, vulgar film.

Cinefilos says "It is always very difficult to overcome oneself, and when one returns to the limelight after a great success, the specter of expectations is always around the corner, the fear of not making it and not being up to themselves.

"So it happens to Checco Zalone, who after Che Bella Giornata’s stratospheric Italian box office success (about 45 million, the highest takings ever), returns with Sole a Catinelle, a light comedy, set in the everyday life of the economic crisis, with a protagonist who doesn't want to know about crises."

(Google translated from Italian to English)

No need to send apologies if you can't come, but a note saying you will come would be helpful.








Please contact HU3A for more details..