About Hackney U3A

An overview of who we are and what we do.

About the U3A

The U3A or University of the Third Age is an educational self-help co-operative for people no longer in full-time employment who believe that ‘learning is for life’.

Our activities provide opportunities for people to meet others and learn from each other. As a members, you may join any of the HU3A activities (see 'Activities') though additional payment may, on occasion, be asked, e.g. for refreshments or visit entrance fees.

It's a university in the original sense of the word – a group of mostly retired people committed to 'lifelong learning'. There are no age restrictions, however.

It began in France in 1972, and a British organisation followed in 1982.  

There is a national umbrella organisation, the Third Age Trust, that provides an organisational framework for local U3A groups.

Hackney U3A started in 2006 and now has over 200 members. Our activities take place in the London Borough of Hackney but we do not have an office, and we meet in various locations throughout the borough.

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