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8th — VHS Choir Student Work Day @ VHS Choir Room (8am – Noon)

10th — Chamber Choir & Seniors Sing National Anthem @ LISD Convocation (12:45pm – 1:15pm) @ VRHS

17th — VHS Choir Back to School Party @ Bob Wentz Park (5:30pm – 8:00pm)

25th — Hill Country Choir Camp @ VRHS (9:00am—4:00pm)

27th — VHS OPEN HOUSE (5:00pm)


4th—Pop Unplugged Auditions @ VHS Choir Room (4:00pm—6:00pm)

4th—Mandatory Choir Parent Meeting @ VHS Choir Room (7:00pm)

7th—National ACDA Retreat #1-A @ VHS Choir Room (5:00pm—9:00pm) *CHORALE WOMEN

11th—Pop Unplugged Performance @ VHS Choir Room (7:00pm)

14th—National ACDA Retreat #1-B @ VHS Choir Room (9:00am—Noon) *CHORALE WOMEN

14th—MS School Night Football Game @ VHS Stadium (7:00pm) *8th Graders & Chamber Sing

28th—VHS Home Game SENIOR NIGHT @ VHS Stadium (7:00pm) *Chamber and Seniors Sing

29th—HS District Auditions @ Westlake HS (8:00am)


2nd—LISD All-Sing @ Cedar Park HS (7:00pm—8:00pm) *Chamber & Select Women

4th—Fall Concert & Pot Luck Dinner & Cake Auction @ VHS Café (5:30pm—8:00pm)

9th—Homecoming Float Decorating @ VHS Choir Room & Parking Lot (1:00pm—4:00pm)

10th—Homecoming Parade @ VHS Parking Lot (6:00pm—7:15pm) *Chamber Sings

12th—HOMECOMING Football GAME @ VHS Stadium (7:00pm) *Chamber Sings

20th—Region Choir Auditions @ VHS (8am – 2pm)

30th—Fall Voice Recital Dress Rehearsal @ VHS Choir Room (4:00pm—6:00pm)


1st—Fall Voice Recital @ VHS Choir Room (6:00pm—8:00pm)

2nd—Home Football Game @ VHS Stadium (7:00pm) *Chamber Sings

7th—Renaissance Festival @ Plantersville Texas (6:00am—8:00pm) *Select Women

8th—Broadway Night Auditions @ VHS Choir Room (4:00pm – 6:00pm)

10th—Region Choir Clinic & Concert @ Leander HS (8:00am – 6:00pm)

13th—Broadway Night Dress Rehearsal @ VHS Choir Room (4:00pm – 6:00pm)

15th—Broadway Night @ VHS Cafeteria (7:00pm – 9:00pm)

27th—Pre-Area Choir Auditions @ Rouse HS (5:00pm – 10:00pm)

29th—Winter Concert & Holiday Cookie Contest @ Austin Baptist Church (6:30pm—8:15pm)


5th—National ACDA Retreat #2 @ VHS Choir Room (5:00pm—9:00pm) CHORALE WOMEN

6th—National ACDA Retreat #2 @ VHS Choir Room (9:00am—Noon) CHORALE WOMEN

14th—Elementary Tour (date subject to change; time TBD) *Chamber & Select Women



8th—First Day of Spring Semester

11th—Area Choir Auditions @ Reagan HS San Antonio (depart VHS @ 5pm)

12th—Area Choir Auditions @ Reagan HS San Antonio (All Day)

21st—NACDA Clinic with Lynn Gackle @ VHS Choir Room (10:00am—Noon)

22nd—Pop Show ALL CHOIRS Dress Rehearsal @ VHS PAC (4:00pm—6:00pm)

23rd—Pop Show ALL SOLOS Dress Rehearsal @ VHS PAC (4:00pm—6:00pm)

24th—CHOIR POP SHOW NIGHT 1 @ VHS PAC (7:00pm)

25th—CHOIR POP SHOW NIGHT 2 @ VHS PAC (7:00pm)


5th—Madrigal Festival Send-Off Concert @ University Presbyterian Church (6:00pm) *Chamber

11th—TMEA/NACDA Send-Off Concert w/CPHS @ Hope Presbyterian (7:00pm) *Chorale Women

21st—NACDA PIT Send-Off Concert @ VHS PAC (11:30am—12:30pm) *Chorale Women

22nd—Madrigal Festival @ San Antonio (10:00am depart) *Chamber

23rd—Madrigal Festival @ San Antonio (10:00pm return) *Chamber

25th—National ACDA Final Send-Off Concert w/Henry MS @ Hope Presbyterian (7:00pm) *Chorale Women

27th—National ACDA @ Kansas City, MO (8:00pm depart) *Chorale Women

28th—National ACDA @ Kansas City, MO *Chorale Women


1st—National ACDA Performances @ Kansas City, MO *Chorale Women

2nd—National ACDA Return @ Kansas City, MO (8:00pm return) *Chorale Women

4th—Solo Contest Accompanist Rehearsals (in class)

5th—Solo Contest Accompanist Rehearsals (in class)

6th—Solo Contest Accompanist Rehearsals (in class)

7th—UNOFFICIAL Solo Contest (in class)

8th—UNOFFICIAL Solo Contest (in class)

9th—OFFICIAL Solo Contest @ VHS Choir Room (8:00pm—3:00pm)

14th—Choir Spring Trip @ Disneyworld Orlando (after school depart; return 3/18)

28th—Solo Contest Finals Performance @ Austin Baptist Church (7:00pm—8:30pm) *All Choir Students

29th—Capital City Showcase @ Rouse HS (time TBD) *Select Women

30th—Capital City Showcase @ Rouse HS (time TBD) *Select Women


1st—VHS Choir Pre-UIL Concert @ VHS Choir Room & VHS PAC (4:00pm—6:30pm) *All UIL Choirs

15th—HS Choir UIL Evaluation @ Cedar Park HS *All UIL Choirs

16th—HS Choir UIL Evaluation @ Cedar Park HS *All UIL Choirs


2nd—VHS Choir Spring Concert @ Austin Baptist Church (7:00pm—8:15pm) *All Choirs

16th—End of Year Voice Recitals @ Austin Baptist Church (5:00pm—8:00pm)

17th—All State Boot Camp @ VHS Choir Room (5:00pm—8:30pm)

21st—Choir Banquet @ TBD (6:30pm—9:00pm)

31st—VHS Graduation @ HEB Center in Cedar Park (time TBD) *Old Chorale & New Chamber Sings


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Aug 29, 2018, 4:32 PM