8th—First Day of Spring Semester

11th—Area Choir Auditions @ Reagan HS San Antonio (depart VHS @ 5pm)

12th—Area Choir Auditions @ Reagan HS San Antonio (All Day - return 9pm)

15th - Pop Show Auditions *Sign-Up in Choir Room

16th - Pop Show Rehearsals *see PS Rehearsal Schedule (4:00p - 6:00p)

17th - Pop Show Rehearsals *see PS Rehearsal Schedule (4:00p - 6:00p)

21st—NACDA Clinic with Lynn Gackle @ VHS Choir Room (9:30am—Noon)

22nd—Pop Show ALL CHOIRS Dress Rehearsal @ VHS PAC (4:00pm—7:00pm)

23rd—Pop Show ALL SOLOS Dress Rehearsal @ VHS PAC (4:00pm—6:00pm)

24th—CHOIR POP SHOW NIGHT 1 @ VHS PAC (7:00pm)

25th—CHOIR POP SHOW NIGHT 2 @ VHS PAC (7:00pm)


5th—Madrigal Festival Send-Off Concert @ University Presbyterian Church (6:00pm) *Chamber

11th—TMEA/NACDA Send-Off Concert w/CPHS @ Hope Presbyterian (7:00pm) *Chorale Women

21st—NACDA PIT Send-Off Concert @ VHS PAC (11:30am—12:30pm) *Chorale Women

22nd—Madrigal Festival @ San Antonio (10:00am depart) *Chamber

23rd—Madrigal Festival @ San Antonio (10:00pm return) *Chamber

25th—National ACDA Final Send-Off Concert w/Henry MS @ Hope Presbyterian (7:00pm) *Chorale Women

27th—National ACDA @ Kansas City, MO (8:00pm depart) *Chorale Women

28th—National ACDA @ Kansas City, MO *Chorale Women


1st—National ACDA Performances @ Kansas City, MO *Chorale Women

2nd—National ACDA Return @ Kansas City, MO (8:00pm return) *Chorale Women

4th—Solo Contest Accompanist Rehearsals (in class)

4th - Select Women Rehearsal (4:00-5:30pm)

5th—Solo Contest Accompanist Rehearsals (in class)

5th - JV Women's UIL Rehearsal (4-5:15pm)

6th - Tenor/Bass UIL Rehearsal (4-5:15pm)

6th—Solo Contest Accompanist Rehearsals (in class)

7th—UNOFFICIAL Solo Contest (in class)

8th—UNOFFICIAL Solo Contest (in class)

9th—OFFICIAL Solo Contest @ VHS Choir Room (8:00pm—3:00pm)

11th - Select Women Rehearsal (4:00-5:30pm)

12th - JV Women's UIL Rehearsal (4-5:15pm)

13th - Tenor/Bass UIL Rehearsal (4-5:15pm)

14th—Choir Spring Trip @ Disney World Orlando (depart 3/14; return 3/18)

25th - Select Women Rehearsal (4:00-5:30pm)

26th - JV Women's UIL Rehearsal (4-5:15pm)

27th - Tenor/Bass UIL Rehearsal (4-5:15pm)

28th—Solo Contest Finals Performance @ Austin Baptist Church (7:00pm—8:30pm) *All Choir Students

30th—Capital City Showcase @ Rouse HS (time TBD) *Select Women


1st—VHS Choir Pre-UIL Concert @ VHS Choir Room & VHS PAC (4:00pm—6:30pm) *All UIL Choirs

2nd - JV Women's UIL Rehearsal (4-5:15pm)

3rd - Tenor/Bass UIL Rehearsal (4-5:15pm)

9th - JV Women's UIL Rehearsal (4-5:15pm)

10th - Tenor/Bass UIL Rehearsal (4-5:15pm)

15th—HS Choir UIL Evaluation @ Cedar Park HS *All UIL Choirs

16th—HS Choir UIL Evaluation @ Cedar Park HS *All UIL Choirs

18th - VHS VALOR DAY - *Chamber Sings PIT


2nd—VHS Choir Spring Concert @ Austin Baptist Church (7:00pm—8:15pm) *All Choirs

16th—End of Year Voice Recitals @ Austin Baptist Church (5:00pm—8:00pm)

17th—All State Boot Camp @ VHS Choir Room (5:00pm—8:30pm)

22nd—Choir Banquet @ TBD (6:30pm—9:00pm)


1st—VHS Graduation @ HEB Center in Cedar Park (time TBD) *Old Chorale, New Chamber, & Select Sings (8:00 am)