Weaving the Light

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September 2008: These two images are the very first works in this style.
 I got so exited, I knew, this is the way to go, and it is a long way!


After a while, the original rectangular format looked restraining. Had to break it.
yet, continued with straight lines. Each piece carried in colors, in width and the number of layers. 


Combining the natural canvas, with painted stripes; added organic lines,
 and experimenting with a variety of pains.
Experimenting with the texture of the canvas and the paint was challenging.


In the end, it is all about colors and more colors.
I got my friends and family approval, and continued.  Uri, my nephew code this one.

Naturally Green, or Blue?

The combination of green and blue, together, is my favorite. 
But, no color is left alone.


My first wall was the ASE, 2009, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts
 A tall man, was even ready to pay for watching it daily.

The Gold Rush

On the other day, a nice couple from Atlanta, GA, lPurchased this work, together with 'The Brice Canyon'
It is good to know that others appreciate my works, and want to live with them. 
It is also sad to separate from my very own creation.


                                                                                                  Light Over Darkness  (Acrylic on Linen, 13"x25"), 2011