Copyright © 2011 Ora Bialik

Artist's Statement

September 2011

My 'Genesis 2010' project, makes reference to the creation of the world in the Book of Genesis. The colors of each work, acrylic painted linen, the way I cut and weave the pieces – all reference a specific quote. An example of this is 'before separating the water on earth': 

Before Separating the Water on Earth

Earth is represented in greens, cut in streight lines, converging to one point, like perspective lines; The blue ocean is cut in wavey lines; Earth and the ocean are weaved one into the other. The wavey stripes of the sky, range from yellow to blue and deep purpule, are braded one into the other.

In my earlier works, applying weaving technique, I painted linen and duck cotton, with acrylic; cut the canvace in perpendicular lines, yet different width, and weaved the pieces, sometimes in several layers, to create a dramatic colorful effect.

Later, I expanded the technique to painting, mostly linen, as in this project, with many layers of acrylic paint, sometimes ten to fifteen layers.  I cut the canvas in asymmetrical and irregular ways, following the underlined painting.  The cut lines could be linear, parallel or converging, waving or pointed. Then I weave the pieces, following no specific rule.  Occasionally several layers, and may embed written text. 

The completed work often breaks from the traditional rectangular form of paintings, and creating a three dimension effect using two dimensional tools.


Framing the works, mostly in shadow boxes, with matched color matt board, is a part of the finish art product. As of today, all works are smaller than 25”x31”.

I would like to sell the complete serie Genesis, as one piece.[]