Middle school is an exciting yet challenging time for students, parents, family members and teachers. Due to the transitional nature of middle school, counseling services focus on fostering school and life competency skills. As counselors, we strive to create a supportive, safe and caring environment, enhance the learning process and promote academic success. Our goal is to help students explore new physical and cognitive abilities, develop positive peer interactions and consider future academic and career opportunities. Our comprehensive counseling program focuses on three domains: academic development, career development and personal/social development. Both Ms. Marcarian and Ms. Elston possess a master’s degree and state certification in school counseling.
Personal/Social Counseling:
  • Personal counseling is available to students upon request from a student or parent/guardian or by referral from a teacher, coach or administrator.
  • The school counselor is available to assist students with a wide range of personal problems. The counselor is not there to make decisions for the student, but can provide information which will help the student arrive at his or her own decisions.
  • School counselors are available for parent conferences and referral resources as needed or upon request.
  • Crisis intervention counseling, drug and alcohol abuse prevention information, education, and referrals are always available. 
Academic Counseling
  • Course selection
  • Academic requirements
  • Course placement
  • Plans for improving grades and study methods
  • Courses and Summer Session
  • Standardized Testing: Information and Interpretation

College and Career Counseling

  • Career exploration activities
  • Career Day event
  • Classroom instruction on the Six-Year Plan, including graduation and college requirements
  • Individual parent/student appointments available for college planning, decision-making, and application processes
Middle school counseling services are organized by grade level similar to Rocklin and Whitney High Schools. Each counselor will start with an incoming class of 7th graders and work with these same students through 8th grade promotion.


Ms. Linda Marcarian, 7th Grade


Ms. Rosemary Elston, 8th Grade