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    Rocklin and Whitney High School counselors will be presenting information regarding high school graduation requirements, the Six Year Educational Plan and the high school registration process on March 2nd. The presentations will occur during the regular school day. Following the presentations, eighth grade students will be selecting their classes for high school using the attached Six Year Educational Plan Worksheet. If you have questions about completing this form, please contact the counseling office at Granite Oaks.

    Please use the ON-LINE Academic Planning Guide to assist you through the process.

    ∙ RHS=

    WHS= click on "Academic Planning guide"

    Students MUST complete their plan for grades 9 and 10 at this time. It is OPTIONAL to complete all four years, 9-12. The plan will be reviewed each school year at the high school in the event changes need to be made.


    Below are the important registration related dates:

    Monday, March 12th:

    Showcase night at Rocklin High and Whitney High from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., each school will host SHOWCASE NIGHT in the gyms. All new students and their parents for the 2012-2013 school year are invited to come meet with teachers, see exhibits, and hear from the administration about programs for the 2012-2013 school year. This will be an opportunity to help make elective choices and hear about various academic core course offerings. The Spring View Web Page has links for the flyers for both events.

    Friday, March 16th:

    Six Year Education Plan Worksheets are due and should be turned in to homeroom teachers. Rocklin and Whitney High Schools 9th Grade Orientation and Showcase Nights are scheduled for March 12th. All incoming 9th grade students and their families are advised to attend this important event. Critical information will be shared regarding 9th grade curriculum, graduation requirements, electives, extracurriculuar activities and athletics. Teachers, counselors, coaches and administrators will be available to share information and answer questions.
    January 25, 2012

    There may be families considering an intradistrict transfer for either Rocklin High School or Whitney High School. The deadline for submitting the necessary forms is March 1st. Please read the Transfer Policy for Rocklin Unified school District:


    Students wishing to move between Rocklin High School and Whitney High School must complete an INTRADISTRICT TRANSFER REQUEST before the priority deadline of March 1st .  Students requesting a transfer after this date will be considered by the administration on an availability basis.  Parents of incoming freshmen will be notified of their student’s status prior to the Freshmen Showcase Night which is held every March.


    Students wishing to transfer into a RUSD high school must complete an INTERDISTRICT TRANSFER REQUEST before the priority deadline of April 15th. Students requesting a transfer after this date will be considered by administration on an availability basis. Students and parents must meet with administration prior to acceptance to a RUSD high school in order to review the student’s academic progress, attendance, discipline, and credits toward graduation.


    Transfer agreements to a RUSD high school must be renewed annually and students must be on-track for graduation and maintain good attendance and discipline records in order to maintain enrollment. Students residing within RUSD boundaries and wishing to return to their school of residence may request a transfer in the fall and must be on track for graduation.

    October 14, 2011 

     As a follow-up to the Bully Proofing Assemblies at Granaite Oaks on October 8th and October 12th, here is additional information for parents and students regarding cyber-bullying ---

    Parry Aftab's Guide to Keeping Your Kids Safe Online

    MySpace, Facebook and Xanga, Oh! My!

    Keeping yourself and your kids safe on social networks

    The quick tips for teens:

    Put everything behind password protected walls, where only friends can see
    Protect your password and make sure you really know who someone is before you allow them onto your friends list
    Blur or morph your photos a bit so they won't be abused by cyber bullies or predators
    Don't post anything your parents, principal or a predator couldn't see
    What you post online stays online - forever!!!! So thinkb4uClick!
    Don't do or say anything online you wouldn't say offline
    Protect your privacy and your friends' privacy too...get their okay before posting something about them or their pic online
    Check what your friends are posting/saying about you. Even if you are careful, they may not be and may be putting you at risk.
    That cute 14-year old boy may not be cute, may not be 14 and may not be a boy! You never know!
    And, unless you’re prepared to attach your MySpace to your college/job/internship/scholarship or sports team application…don’t post it publicly!

    And for parents:

    Talk to your kids – ask questions (and then confirm to make sure they are telling you the truth!)
    Ask to see their profile page (for the first time)…tomorrow! (It gives them a chance to remove everything that isn’t appropriate or safe…and it becomes a way to teach them what not to post instead of being a gotcha moment! Think of it as the loud announcement before walking downstairs to a teen party you’re hosting.)
    Don't panic…there are ways of keeping your kids safe online. It’s easier than you think!
    Be involved and work with others in your community. (Think about joining and help create a local cyber-neighborhood watch program in your community.)
    Remember what you did that your parents would have killed you had they known, when you were fifteen.
    This too will pass! Most kids really do use social networks just to communicate with their friends. Take a breath, gather your thoughts and get help when you need it. (You can reach out to
    It’s not an invasion of their privacy if strangers can see it. There is a difference between reading their paper diary that is tucked away in their sock drawer…and reading their MySpace. One is between them and the paper it’s written on; the other between them and 700 million people online!
    Don’t believe everything you read online – especially if your teen posts it on her MySpace!
    And, finally….repeat after me – "I’m still the parent!" If they don’t listen or follow your rules, unplug the computer…the walk to the library will do them good.

    Additional resources ---

    Copyright Parry Aftab 2006, all rights reserved. For permission to duplicate, e-mail

    August 19, 2011 


    With the budget cuts for the 2010-2011 school year, Granite Oaks Middle School has lost one full time counselor; the current schedule is as follows:

    Ms. Marcarian (7th grade)         Monday through Friday at Granite Oaks Middle School

    Ms. Elston (8th grade)              Monday, Wednesday and Friday at Granite Oaks Middle School

    In an effort to accommodate the new counselor schedule for Granite Oaks Middle School we are suggesting parents and family members use e-mail, when possible, as a way to communicate with counselors, especially Ms. Elston. Telephone contact is always welcome but maybe a bit more difficult to respond to in an expedient manner.

    Thank you in advance for your patience and support.

    Ms. Marcarian and Ms. Elston