Steps to Download MS Office on Windows or Mac

To download the Office setup file on your Windows or Mac, follow the presented steps below:

1. Launch a web browser on your Windows or Mac system.

2. Now, simply type in the search bar.

3. If you are already logged in to your Microsoft account, go ahead with instructions. If not, you should sign in.

4. There are three types of accounts to choose from on the site. You can choose any one of them.

5. When you choose one of these accounts, you will reach the Microsoft home page.

6. Click the "Install Office" option.

7. Click "Install" again.

8. The Office setup will be downloaded in the Downloads folder in a while.

Steps to Install MS Office on Windows

The instructions below will help you install MS Office on Windows:

1. Those who use the Chrome browser need to click "Setup," while Firefox users need to click the "Save File" option.

2. As you select one of these according to your browser, the download will begin.

3. As the "You're all set! Office is installed now" message appears, the installation is complete.

4. Click on the "Close" button to finish the process.

5. Look for any Office app and start using it.

Steps to Activate MS Office on Windows

In order to activate MS Office on Windows, follow the presented instructions:

1. Click the "Start" button and search for any Office app.

2. Enter the name of any desired Office app.

3. Select it when it appears in the results.

4. Read the license agreement thoroughly and accept.

5. MS Office will be activated on your Windows PC.

Steps to Install MS Office on Mac

In order to install MS Office on Mac, follow the instructions below:

1. After you have downloaded the setup file from, search for the setup file in the "Downloads" folder.

2. The setup file may appear as Microsoft Office Installer.pkg.

3. As you reach the installation window, click on "Continue."

4. Read the license agreement carefully.

5. Hit the "Continue" button.

6. Choose "Agree" to abide by terms and conditions.

7. Choose the way you want to install the software and then click "Continue."

8. Click "Install" and enter the user password.

9. Click "Install Software" to complete the activation.

Activate MS Office on Mac

If you are a Mac user and want to install MS Office on your Mac, you can follow the instructions mentioned below:

1. Simply launch Dock and then click on the Launchpad.

2. Search for any Office app and click on the same app.

3. As the app opens, you will see the "What's New" window. Click on "Get Started" to complete the process.

Steps for Downloading Microsoft Office

Follow the steps that we have given below to quickly download Office Setup to your system:

    1. First of all, head to using a new tab in your web browser.
    2. Afterward, find your way to the Sign-Up link on the upper of the site.
    3. When you tap it, please promptly fill all text fields with the right information.
    4. Push the Submit icon on your screen.
    5. The new Office account is all set, and now you must redeem the Office product key from the homepage.
    6. After you have claimed your activation code, find your way to the My Products link on the top.
    7. Choose the product that you desire to download or install on your equipment.
    8. After that, get your bearings to the Download link. You will need to first scroll downwards to the bottom of the webpage to see the Download button.
    9. After doing that, please pick the accurate CPU architecture from the given choices.
    10. The downloading should begin on its own after selecting the CPU architecture.
    11. You may need to manually allow your browser to save the setup file.
    12. Once the process starts, hold tightly and let the download complete on its own.
    13. Lastly, leave the site.

Steps for Installing Office

Did the download complete successfully? If your answer is yes, you are free to install the Office apps. You only need to follow the instructions given here to install it:

    1. Navigate File Explorer.
    2. Once you are in the file explorer, navigate to the Downloads directory.
    3. Find the Office setup file that you took from
    4. When you find it, please make sure to select it.
    5. Press the Options button on your keyboard positioned next to the right-side Alt key.
    6. Please select the Run as administrator choice.
    7. Kindly hit the Yes choice when the prompt appears.
    8. Accept the license agreement.
    9. Go to the Next button.
    10. Find your way to the recommended installation.
    11. Squeeze the Next button.
    12. Lastly, push the Install button on your display.
    13. Select the Finish button when it is complete.

Steps for Activating Office

Here’s how you should perform the Office activation process:

    1. To begin with, find your way to the Start menu.
    2. Then please find and select the Microsoft Office icon.
    3. Find and choose the Word app.
    4. Subsequently, please find your way to the main menu in the Word app.
    5. You should see the Word Options button.
    6. Please select it.
    7. Find and select the Resources option on the left menu.
    8. Look for the option that says Activate Microsoft Office.
    9. Please tap the Activate icon.
    10. When the site appears, please sign in to your account that you created in the downloading counterpart.
    11. Now enter whatever the site asks, such as your Office activation code, email, or passcode.
    12. They will cross check your details and activate your app within a minute. Once that is done, return to the Office Word app and check whether the activation process was successful or not.

How to Install Office Home and Student 2019?

Microsoft Office is a family of client and server software produced and marketed by Microsoft through It's a bundled set of productivity applications and programs. The most initial version of MS Office contained only three primary apps: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, but over time, its product and services substantially grew, and now we have many apps and programs including some outstanding features like OLE data integration, spell checker, and VBA (Visual Basic Applications).

Microsoft Office is widely used by billions in many institutions, corporate sectors, warehouses, schools, colleges, govt., private sectors, etc. Microsoft Office is produced in many editions for every end-user and computing departments. Now Microsoft Office can be used over several devices like iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. If you want to get an Office setup subscription, then reach the site at

Download/Install/Activate MS Office from

In order to accomplish the office-related tasks in the least possible time, many enterprises take advantage of MS Office. It is a useful tool that can help you perform several office-related tasks simply and quickly. It comes with some excellent productivity applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Word is a great application that helps in the creation of documents. Excel is an effective tool to perform calculations and data analysis. PowerPoint can help you create attractive presentations to explain a concept to your team and colleagues. If you are looking for a productivity suite that meets your office needs, MS Office is the one that will measure up to your expectations. It is available for Android, Mac, iOS, and Windows. To boost your productivity in the business arena, you can download, install, and activate it by visiting

Steps to Download MS Office on Windows PC or Mac

To take advantage of the premium features of MS Office, you can download it on your Windows PC or Mac by following the steps below:

1. Start your PC.

2. Access the internet by opening your browser.

3. Visit

4. Click on the "Sign In" If you are not logged in.

5. You can select any accounts, whether Microsoft, school, or work account, as per your preference.

6. If you select a school or work account, you will reach the homepage of Microsoft Office.

7. Click on "Microsoft" and start the installation.

8. If you choose a Microsoft account, you will be redirected to the home page of Microsoft Office.

9. First, click on the "Install Office."

10. Select "Install" when you see it again.

11. MS Office will be downloaded on your system in a short while.

Note: For more information, visit

Steps for Installing MS Office on Windows PC

To install MS Office setup on Windows PC, you can follow the instructions given below:

1. If you are a Chrome user, choose "Setup." If you use Firefox, click "Save File."

2. As you choose one of these, the installation will begin.

3. The installation process may take a while.

4. When the installation comes to an end, you will see the "You're all set! Office is installed now" window.

5. Click "Close" to finalize the process.

6. Search for any application you want to use.

Steps to Activate MS Office on Windows

Here are the steps you can go through to activate MS Office on Windows:

1. Simply click the "Start" button and search for any office applications.

2. Enter the name of any office applications like Word.

3. You will see the icon of the application appearing in the results.

4. Click the icon.

5. Read the license agreement carefully and accept it.

6. The Office will now be activated on your system.

Note: In case you face any problem activating MS Office, you can visit

Steps for Installing MS Office On Mac

Installing MS Office on Mac is just a simple process. If you want to install it on your Mac system, just follow the steps below:

1. Go to the Downloads folder after downloading the Office setup file.

2. Locate the file that appears as Microsoft Office Installer.pkg.

3. As you click on the app icon, you will see the installation window.

4. Select "Continue," read the license agreement and accept it.

5. Click "Continue" again.

6. When you see the terms and conditions, click "Agree."

7. Now, choose the way you intend to install MS Office, click "Continue."

8. Now, click "Install."

9. Enter the user password if asked.

10. Click the "Install Software" to go further.

11. Click "Close" to put the installation process to an end.

Steps to Activate Microsoft Office on Mac System

In order to activate MS Office on Mac, you can go through the procedure step by step:

1. Open Dock and click on the Launchpad icon.

2. Look for any Microsoft app like Word and click the same.

3. When you start the application, you will see the "What's New" window.

4. Click on the "Get started" option to activate Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Office Product Key

When you visit, we recommend you first redeem your activation key right there so that you get ready to download its product on your computer. You can also install this application on your smartphone and tablets if you wish.

System Requirements for Microsoft Office

Your computer should meet the minimum requirements to install Microsoft Office. When your Mac or Windows PC doesn't match with the recommended device requirement, you will not be able to run Microsoft Office on your computer. Therefore, it is essential to have a look on the system requirements for installing Microsoft Office.

● The major thing that you have to remember is that your computer should have at least a 1.6 gigahertz processor in order to run the Microsoft Office utility. If you are using a Mac, you should have an Intel processor or m1 chip on your device.

● When it comes to RAM, your computer must possess at least 4GB of RAM if you are running Windows in 64 bits, or it can also run if you have 2GB RAM with a 32-bit processor. If you have a Mac computer, 4GB RAM is required.

● Coming to the hard drive, you will need at least 4 GB of free hard drive space in order to install this utility. While you don't need any graphics card on your computer to run MS Office, having a graphic card will provide an even better user experience. MS Office supports almost all kinds of computer operating systems, including Windows and Mac.

● You should also remember that your computer must have at least a basic internet browser, like Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Safari, to browse the MS Office Setup website.

If you think your computer possesses all these requirements, then you are good to go, and you can run the office without any trouble at all. - install Microsoft office 365 with product key

Microsoft Office is a large collection of office-related programs and services. Every application works on a unique purpose and service. For Example: MS Word is used to create documents; MS PowerPoint is popularly known for its dynamic presentations; MS Outlook is used to create or manage email, tasks, or calendars. There are some other services and apps in the Office suite serving the consumers worldwide in various ways.

The subscription plans of Microsoft Office are secure and user-friendly. To select your desired subscription, you need to visit the site at There is a separate package for every end-user like MS Office 365 Business edition for business and corporate sectors, Office for Home, Office for Students and enterprise, etc.

Here are the steps to follow in order to download, install, and activate your Office subscription on a compatible device.

Apps Included in MS Office Suite

The apps and programs included in the MS Office suite based on the package or plan you have selected, or it also depends on the price slot you have chosen. For example, if you have selected MS Office 365, Personal and Home edition, you will find OneNote, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and Outlook. In case you have chosen Office Home and Student edition 2016, you will get Excel, Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, and PowerPoint. In Business suites, you will get a specific combo pack, including Access and Publisher.

Browse the site using to know detailed information about Office products and its subscription plans.

Supported Devices

Apart from Windows devices, MS Office is also supported on Mac, iOS and Android.

▪ Mac: All Mac computers having Microsoft 365 consist of Word, Excel, Outlook, OneNote, and PowerPoint.

▪ iOS: If you are using the iOS device, it will support MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, OneNote, and Outlook.

▪ Android: Includes MS PowerPoint and MS Excel while MS OneNote and MS Outlook are separate apps.

Account Creation Procedure for Microsoft Office

If you are first time visitor to Microsoft Office or unaware of the account creation procedure, then follow these straightforward steps:

⮚ At the start, turn on your device.

⮚ Then, use the web page of MS Office for account creation. To do so, utilize the link via a compatible web browser.

⮚ Once you reached the home page of Microsoft Office, then hit the Sign-Up tab.

Note: If you are already a registered MS Office user, then skip this section and move to the downloading procedure.

⮚ Type all the asking and essential details regarding you.

⮚ Register your mail ID for communication.

⮚ Then, create a password to provide a shield to your account.

⮚ Hit the Next tab.

⮚ Wait for the account creation procedure to complete.

Downloading Procedure for MS Office Setup

Users can easily select their downloading choice as per their desire: online using the link or through offline mode using the download setup disc received while purchasing the product.

Follow any of the procedure as per your downloading preference:

Online Mode

If you have purchased your product online, then follow these straightforward steps:

⮚ Open a supportive web-browser over your computer.

⮚ Now, input and tap the Enter key.

⮚ Hit the Login tab and type all the asking details like username and password.

⮚ Now, you might see a new prompt asking to enter your product key. Type all the digits securely and tap the OK button.

⮚ In case you didn't yet register yourself with Office, you need to tap the Register Now button and follow the account creation procedure.

⮚ Select the MS Office product menu to invoke a list of subscription plans.

⮚ Choose a compatible option you like to have on your device.

⮚ Hit the Download tab there.

Offline Mode

If you have purchased the product through a retailer, then these downloading steps are for you. Follow them all for the smooth downloading process:

⮚ At the start, you need to unbox your product package.

⮚ Now, insert the disk into the CD or DVD drive slot.

⮚ Pursue all the guidelines mentioned on your screen.

⮚ Allow MS Office setup to get downloaded by hitting the tab Allow.

⮚ If it asks to verify your account, then type user ID and secure password.

Installation Procedure for MS Office

If you have already downloaded your Office setup on your device, then install the package with care, be it Windows or Mac device.

Follow these instructions if you want to install your Office setup on your device:

On Windows

⮚ At the start, visit the Office website using the link

⮚ Wait for some time for the complete page to load on your screen.

⮚ Tap the Install button.

⮚ Allow the setup file to run for installation.

⮚ Once the UAC prompt appears, hit the Yes tab.

⮚ The installation will start in a little.

⮚ You will be automatically intimated once you have successfully installed your Office subscription setup.

⮚ Close the window.

On Mac

⮚ Double click on the setup file.

⮚ Then, press the Continue button once prompted.

⮚ Go through the license agreement page.

⮚ Hit the Continue tab there.

⮚ Tap on Install.

⮚ If you want to change the install location for your installation setup, hit the option "Change Install Location."

⮚ Now, you should verify all the provided details and cross-check them before proceeding.

⮚ Input User ID and Password into dedicated sections.

⮚ Hit the OK tab there.

⮚ Wait for some time for the installation to complete.

Activation Procedure for MS Office

In case you want to activate your subscription, you need to follow some steps and instructions displayed on your screen. You need to input the product key when asked. Read the compatibility and user guide for quick installation via before going through the activation process.

Follow these instructions if you want to activate the setup very quickly:

⮚ Launch any Office app like Excel, Access, or PowerPoint.

⮚ Then, wait for the activation window to get invoked on your screen.

⮚ Hit the Activation bar on the activation window once it appeared.

⮚ Type your product key in the asking fields. It's a good idea to cross-check all the digits before proceeding.

⮚ Tap the Activate button there.

⮚ If Office setup asks for confirmation, tap on Yes. Follow all the instructions displayed on your device.

How to Uninstall MS Office?

If you wish to download the latest utility on your computer, you will have to uninstall the previous one from your device first. In order to uninstall it from your device, you must learn the right way of uninstallation using the steps given here below:

    1. Open the control panel on your computer. To open the Control Panel, simply search for the Control Panel inside the start menu and then select it.
    2. When you reach the control panel's home page, simply look for the Microsoft Office application.
    3. Now please double click it and then select the Uninstall option on your screen.
    4. It will show you a warning that if you remove this utility, you won't be able to use it on your device.
    5. Simply click the Uninstall Anyway button.
    6. Hang on for a minute, and when the process finishes, simply restart your device.

How Do I Redeem My Product Key?

You can redeem your product key by merely locating it and then providing it on the official MS Office website. So simply visit the website and then click Redeem My Product Key option. Then you will see a dialogue box on your screen where you can enter your product key and then strike the enter key of your keyboard. When you do so, you are registering your Office setup product key with your user account. After registering your product key, you will be able to download and install the Office setup on your device flawlessly. - Sign in to download Office

Microsoft has developed several editions of Office for every end-user like home, enterprise, and official clients. The application suite is used worldwide to support most of the device OS like iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac.

If you are new to Microsoft Office and want to create a new account, go through the instructions displayed on the Office setup web page that can be launched via MS Office is now used in most sectors to analyze and finish the task quickly, including work productivity and performance. To know more about subscription plans, visit the site

How to Download Microsoft Office on your Device?

If you are new to downloading Office setup, you have to visit the site to get your personal information registered with the Microsoft Office. Use the onscreen followed instructions for quick registration.

In case you are not new and have an active account, then follow these straightforward guidelines to download the package:

⮚ Initially, open the web page using the link

⮚ Now, look carefully on the entire web page; you will see a tab for login to the account. Tap on it and enter all the info asked by the MS Office portal.

⮚ After that, select the subscription plan you like to opt for.

⮚ Now, go for the relevant step as per your Office edition:

▪ If you have signed-in using a Microsoft email account, then you need to tap the option Install Office from the Microsoft Office webpage, followed by tapping the Install option for downloading the setup.

▪ In case you have successfully logged into your preferred school or work account, you need to press the option "Install Office apps" located on the Office web page. Then, hit the Install tab to initiate the downloading procedure.

⮚ Once you have successfully downloaded the setup on your device, you need to go for the installation procedure for quick activation.

How to Install your Office Setup Using Setup File on Mac and Windows?

In case you have the downloaded setup in hand, then you can easily install the package on your device using your downloaded setup:

⮚ If you have used MS Edge or Internet Explorer while downloading Office, then tap the Run button. Use the option "Setup" for Google Chrome, and for Mozilla Firefox, tap the Save File. It will help for smart and quick action for installation.

⮚ Double click the downloaded set up to bring the installation window on your screen.

⮚ If a UAC prompt appears, then press the Allow button.

⮚ Hit the Yes tab.

⮚ Type login details if asked.

⮚ Enter activation code if necessary to verify your subscription plan.

⮚ Hit the Next button there.

⮚ Read and abide by the necessary instructions followed on your terms and conditions page.

⮚ Tap on the Agree button.

⮚ Wait for the MS Office setup installation to reach the end. Once you are all set with the installation setup in hand, you can quickly redeem or activate the subscription.

How to Get the Office Subscription Activated?

Do you want to activate the subscription of Microsoft Office? If your answer is "Yes," then we are here to instruct you on how you can board to the activation ship for your Office setup subscription. To know the straightforward procedure, follow these points:

⮚ Tap the Win logo to launch the Start menu.

⮚ After that, open the app's listing and then search for the Microsoft Office apps.

⮚ Now, open any of your desired apps on your device's screen.

⮚ Wait a minute until the app loads on your device.

⮚ Tap on the Activate option.

Note: Pursue Office activation link, if you want to activate the subscription via an online portal.

⮚ Now, type the activation code securely.

⮚ Sign in to your account using username and password for user verification.

⮚ Wait a minute or two until the activation procedure wraps up.