Title Achievement
Little Mouse Gather 0 cheese
Greedy Mouse Gather 5 cheese
Here! Cheese! Gather 20 cheese
Yeeeeah Cheese ^^ Gather 100 cheese
Cheeeeeese *-* Gather 200 cheese
Activist Mouse Gather 300 cheese
Unionized Mouse Gather 400 cheese
Mouse on Strike Gather 500 cheese
Glutton Mouse Gather 600 cheese
Gleany Gather 700 cheese
Plumpy Mouse Gather 800 cheese
Paunchy Mouse Gather 900 cheese
Chubby Mouse Gather 1,000 cheese
Fluffy Mouse Gather 1,100 cheese
Tubby Mouse Gather 1,200 cheese
The Chubby Gather 1,300 cheese
The Puffy Gather 1,400 cheese
The Cheese Initiated Gather 1,500 cheese
The Cheese Adept Gather 1,600 cheese
The Cheese Priest Gather 1,700 cheese
The Reaper Gather 1,800 cheese
Cheese Finder Gather 2,000 cheese
Cheese Knight Gather 2,300 cheese
Cheesegrubber Gather 2,700 cheese  <__< MEH TITLE! ♥♥♥
Fatty Gather 3,200 cheese
Stout Mouse Gather 3,800 cheese
Cheese Lover Gather 4,600 cheese
Camembert Gather 6,000 cheese
Pont-L'Évêque Gather 7,000 cheese
Cheese Catcher Gather 8,000 cheese
It's Over 9000 Gather 9,001 cheese
Collector Gather 10,000 cheese
Cheeseleader Gather 14,000 cheese
Cheese Thief Gather 18,000 cheese
Cheese Creator Gather 22,000 cheese
Cheese Pizza Gather 26,000 cheese
Cheese Minister Gather 30,000 cheese
Prodigy Mouse Gather 34,000 cheese
Princess of Transformice Gather 38,000 cheese
Cheesoholic Gather 42,000 cheese
The Cheesen One Gather 46,000 cheese
Sailor Mouse Gather 50,000 cheese
Om Nom Nom Gather 55,000 cheese
*-* Gather 60,000 cheese
Cheese Addict Gather 65,000 cheese
Cheesus Gather 70,000 cheese
Queen of Cheese Gather 75,000 cheese
MAH CHEESE! Gather 80,000 cheese

Cheese Gathered First

Title Achievement
Fast Mouse Gather 1 cheese first
Agile Mouse Gather 10 cheese first
Pirate Mouse Gather 100 cheese first
Ninja Mouse Gather 200 cheese first
Rogue Mouse Gather 300 cheese first
Looter Gather 400 cheese first
Stalker Gather 500 cheese first
Frothy Mouse Gather 600 cheese first
The Silent Gather 700 cheese first
Hawk Mouse Gather 800 cheese first
Cobra Mouse Gather 900 cheese first
Spidermouse Gather 1,000 cheese first
Quick Silver Gather 1,100 cheese first
Athletic Mouse Gather 1,200 cheese first
Hasty Mouse Gather 1,400 cheese first
Rocket Mouse Gather 1,600 cheese first
Sonic The Mouse Gather 1,800 cheese first
Pingless Gather 2,000 cheese first
Kamikaze Gather 2,200 cheese first
Warrior Mouse Gather 2,400 cheese first
Mach 1 Gather 2,600 cheese first
Hunter Gather 2,800 cheese first
First! Gather 3,000 cheese first
Sniper Gather 3,200 cheese first
Flash Gather 3,400 cheese first
Supermouse Gather 3,600 cheese first
Light Speed Gather 3,800 cheese first
Time Traveler Gather 4,000 cheese first
Fast Wind Gather 4,500 cheese first
E=MouseC² Gather 5,000 cheese first
Jumper Gather 5,500 cheese first
The Untouchable Gather 6,000 cheese first
Dynamite Gather 7,000 cheese first
Speedmaster Gather 8,000 cheese first
Whirlwind Gather 9,000 cheese first
Wall-Jumper Gather 10,000 cheese first
Sprinter Gather 12,000 cheese first
Batmouse Gather 14,000 cheese first
The Unseen Gather 16,000 cheese first
Unstoppable Gather 18,000 cheese first
The Wind Master Gather 20,000 cheese first
¡Ándale! ¡Ándale! Gather 25,000 cheese first
Torpedo Gather 30,000 cheese first
Speedy Gorgonzola Gather 35,000 cheese first
LIGHTNING Gather 40,000 cheese first

Shaman Saves

Title Achievement
Shaman Disciple Save 10 mice as shaman
Accomplished Shaman Save 100 mice as shaman
Shaman Save 1,000 mice as shaman
Shaman Master Save 2,000 mice as shaman
Inspired Shaman Save 3,000 mice as shaman
Shaman Champion Save 4,000 mice as shaman
Glorious Shaman Save 5,000 mice as shaman
Shaman Duchess Save 6,000 mice as shaman
Shaman Princess Save 7,000 mice as shaman
Shaman Empress Save 8,000 mice as shaman
Legendary Shaman Save 9,000 mice as shaman
Immortal Shaman Save 10,000 mice as shaman
The Chosen Shaman Save 11,000 mice as shaman
Holy Shaman Save 12,000 mice as shaman
Shaman Oracle Save 13,000 mice as shaman
Shaman Prophet Save 14,000 mice as shaman
Shamarvelous Save 15,000 mice as shaman
Ancient Shaman Save 16,000 mice as shaman
Fearless Shaman Save 18,000 mice as shaman
Almighty Shaman Save 20,000 mice as shaman
Architect Shaman Save 22,000 mice as shaman
Mademoiselle Save 24,000 mice as shaman
Lady Shaman Save 26,000 mice as shaman
Loved Save 28,000 mice as shaman
Magician Save 30,000 mice as shaman
Hero of Mice Save 35,000 mice as shaman
Angel Shaman Save 40,000 mice as shaman
The Creator Save 45,000 mice as shaman
Absolute Shaman Save 50,000 mice as shaman
Miraculous Shaman Save 55,000 mice as shaman
Liberator Save 60,000 mice as shaman
Troll Shaman Save 65,000 mice as shaman
Ghost Shaman Save 70,000 mice as shaman
Spirit Save 75,000 mice as shaman
Demigodess Shaman Save 80,000 mice as shaman
Last Hope Save 85,000 mice as shaman
Redeemer Save 90,000 mice as shaman
Goddess Shaman Save 100,000 mice as shaman
Alpha & Omega Save 140,000 mice as shaman

Hard Mode Saves

Title Achievement
Decorator Save 500 mice in hard mode
Builder Save 2,000 mice in hard mode
Manufacturer Save 4,000 mice in hard mode
Technician Save 7,000 mice in hard mode
Mechanic Save 10,000 mice in hard mode
Specialist Save 14,000 mice in hard mode
Inventor Save 18,000 mice in hard mode
Engineer Save 22,000 mice in hard mode
Inventive Mouse Save 26,000 mice in hard mode
Ingenious Mouse Save 30,000 mice in hard mode
Virtuoso Save 34,000 mice in hard mode

Shop Accessories

Title Achievement
Nice Mouse Buy 1 accessories from the shop
Adorable Mouse Buy 2 accessories from the shop
Charming Mouse Buy 4 accessories from the shop
Pretty Mouse Buy 6 accessories from the shop
Cute Mouse Buy 8 accessories from the shop
Frivolous Mouse Buy 10 accessories from the shop
Snob Mouse Buy 12 accessories from the shop
Stylish Mouse Buy 14 accessories from the shop
Actress Mouse Buy 16 accessories from the shop
Fashion Mouse Buy 18 accessories from the shop
Sexy Buy 20 accessories from the shop
SuperStar Buy 22 accessories from the shop

Holiday Titles

Title Achievement
Little Snowflake Give 5 presents away
Christmas Spirit Give 10 presents away
Little Pixie Give 40 presents away
Santa Claus Give 60 presents away

Valentine's Day Titles

Title Achievement
Alluring Mouse Give 5 presents away
Temptress Give 30 presents away
Latin Lover Give 60 presents away