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TKSMC Player Responsibilities



          Sign up for tournaments during the sign up period. Late sign ups are not guaranteed a spot in the tournament nor will they get any tee time / partner preference.

         If you sign up other players for an event, it is your responsibility to ensure that they are aware of their tee time(s). In addition, all players are personally responsible for knowing their own tee times.

         On the day of a tournament, be at the golf course and ready to play at least 30 minutes prior to scheduled tee time. The lowest handicap player in the group will assume the role of the Designated Captain and insure that a scorecard is completed and submitted.

         Scorecards should be prepared in a neat and legible manner. Scorecards must contain the last name of each player. Scorecards must be signed by the scorekeeper, attested for accuracy, signed by another member of the group and the scores posted in the GHIN computer before departing the Golf Course. If the round is in a Memorial, Stableford, President’s Cup, Member/Member or Flight indicate that it is a Tournament round. Failure to do so will result in disqualification. Open Golf & Boards should not be entered as Tournament rounds.

         Scorecards should be stamped, via the timeclock, at the start & finish of every round.

         Managers of the Month are empowered to disqualify members for inaccurate and/or improperly completed scorecards.  For example: golfer's last names not on scorecard, incorrect score addition, scorecard not signed and/or attested, wrong score entered into the GHIN computer, and score not entered into the GHIN computer upon completion of the round.

         Monitor your Pace of Play. Our goal is that all rounds do not exceed 4 hrs. 30 minutes.    Play ready golf!

         If you are unable to meet your tee time commitment, contact the Manager of the Month ASAP.  Any notification after 6:00 PM on the Monday night before the tournament will be considered a NO SHOW. It is recommended that all communications with the Manager of the Month for any additions or deletions to an event be via email.  Please limit phone calls to only essential calls.

         Abide by the “Rules of Golf “as amended by TKSMC Local Rules.

         Show respect for the golf course and your fellow golfers. Observe proper golf etiquette, rake your footprints in bunkers, fill divots, repair ball marks on greens etc.