The Building

     Now that the idea was made, the building of the Seattle Space Needle began.
 To start the construction work there had to be a hole in the ground made. The first shovel full of dirt was removed from the site on April 27, 1961. Eleven days later, a 30 foot deep hole that covered the 120-foot-square site was dug up.
Next, workers had to begin the structure building.
250 tons of steel reinforcing bars, also called rebar, was placed in the hole.
On May 26, 1961, the largest continuous pour of concrete in history, at the time,  began at five in the morning, and at the end of the day, there was about 5,850 tons of concrete.
Now, all the workers had to put on the finishing touches.
On December 1961, the last nut was tightened down.
The first painting job required 1,340 gallons of paint. All the paints had space like names: the legs were Astronaut White, the roof was Galaxy Gold, the core was Orbiral Olive, and the halo was Re-Entry Red.
All the other paint jobs only required 1,000 gallons of paint. Today, the colors are white and gold.