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Mary Prantil has stated over the last four years that she absolutely “loves the state of New York and Mayor Michael Bloomberg” and or, “NYC is the greatest city on earth” yet, why do we show records of Ms. Prantil suing the city of New York for alleged offenses against her?, as the records below show below.

Prantil, has also refereed, and repeatedly urged the readers on the site of Rip Off Report and other similar whistle blower sites in contacting two specific police officers of NYC police department known as (Eric Rodriguez and Jose Rodriguez) in getting their money back from us, or to file a police report with these officers against us for whatever reason and further, to call them directly. More foolery and FRAUD on prantil's part.

As it turns out, this is even more of prantil's lunatic crap against innocent others on the Internet and toward the police department. WHY?, because she's asking the public to file reports against Jan and myself with what appears to be defendants against more of her ungrounded charges of negligence against the New York City police department there in Queens and Manhattan New York, Huh?

You see, these were the same police officers that were dispatched by the New York courts system to collect Mary Prantil on a bench warrant for breaking a previous restraining order filed on her for stalking by who other?, Hani Salama, the Ex-Boyfriend.

In retaliation, Mary Prantil filed this frivolous lawsuit against her favorite city of New York, The Big Apple lol. It's interesting as the New York Manhattan court had ask Prantil to come in and address the charges against her concerning the Salama restraining order to which she not only, didn't show up for, but eluded the police for a couple of weeks by hiding out in her filthy new york apartment.

The police went to her apartment and waited for her to take out the trash and thus, when she showed up at the curb, the police took her out as garbage lol. Prantil, fell to the ground kicking and screaming, while shouting out that the police were attempting to rape, and beat her up however, this dull criminal forgot that the apartment complex in which she was living had active cameras that recorded the whole event.

Let's not forget the fifty or sixty witnesses that observed the incident as it unfolded while in the end, watched in horror and humor as they hauled this freak off to jail. The case was thrown out against the Officers, as Prantil's clams were slanderous at best, against the state of New York and these fine upstanding NYC Officers.

Of course, we also see Prantil attempting to sue folks but loosing in these reports below and moreover, other Companies suing her for non-payment of her debts to them, along with one of her Attorneys dropping her case for the reason that she is a idiot, and more then likely, fought against his advice repeatedly, or was perpetually combative in his defense of her. We can find five other instances of prantil losing her Counsel as a result of her bad personal conduct as her criminal records reflect.

We also see that Prantil utilizes the public defenders office provided by the court in taking on her charges against other private people and the state. Wow, does this mean that Mary Prantil is using tax payers dollars to play the legal system? I think it does, as the records reflect below.
Why does Mary Prantil still have several criminal and civil cases going currently? that should have been resolved four years ago through the New York legal process? that usually handles these types of cases in a couple of months at the longest? especially, when the evidence is so overwhelming against a person such as Prantil in these instances.

Hani Salama, Prantil's EX- Boyfriend, is one such person that has criminal charges filed against Prantil along with four other New Yorkers. Yet, Prantil stalked and showed up at Hani Salama's door one night, attacked this man, he shoved her in defense of himself, and she had him arrested for simple battery, simply because the state couldn't enforce the restraining order he had against her for stalking him.

Prantil, went on to post his picture on one of her slamming sites geared to harm our reputations, and titled it “Hani Salama Defends Mary Prantil Against Scam Jan Windglows”, while attempting to deceive the public in believing that Hani Salama was actually writing all these negative statements against us when in all actuality, it is mary prantil posting this trash against us all along under his name, while using his picture without permission.

Is that Identity Theft? I think so, the very charge Prantil charges others with on a continual bases over the Internet, the same crime Dana Thornton has bee charged with currently being impersonation and identity theft.

Prantil went on to create and post five gay websites on another man there in New York City, who had filed criminal charges against her out of retaliation. Of course she also proceeded in passing out his private information on the porn sites along with a request for people to call him for free gay sex, even though the man isn't gay.

Prantil, called this mans land lord and threatened to slam him on the Internet should he not kick out the man that had charges against her, called the D.E.A and A.T.F on the man that had charges against her, in a effort to harass and have him unfairly arrested or incarcerated. Of course these law enforcement agencies found no wrong doing in the mans activities.

This wasn't enough for Prantil, as she went on to post repeatedly, and highly negative reports of Rip Off Reports against a renown New York Psychologist, who has also filed criminal charges on Mary Prantil in the New York Courts, to which is still pending.

Prantil, has had a lawsuit filed and won against her by Jan Windglows and myself James Morgan, to which she didn't show up to in her own defense yet, she's went on to harass and stalk others like Ray Meseroll of Bmore Radio. Why?, because he did a show or two exposing her as a scam, to which she was given the opportunity to show up to, but didn't at anytime.

She's posted trash against Mike Cahill who performed spell services for her, to which she charged back on six times and further, trash against Michael Jenkins whom just spoke to her over the phone a few times and refused to do any spell work for her. We have hard copy records of these conversations and other records to prove these statements in which Prantil incriminates herself every other sentence.

This scam artist Prantil, has numerous false identities on the Internet in which she launches her slamming and scamming trash from against others to which we can prove yet, she accuses other of this on a daily bases. Prantil seems to have a habit of accusing others of the same offenses she's guilty in carrying out, Huh?

Ok, without rehashing the information that has since been made public knowledge in the past along with the new information posted on this criminal, let me move on as follows below. So, what we have here is a two bit scammer that was ran out of the state of California whom has been in trouble with the courts for at least twenty years of her miserable life, in short.

Whom further, comes from a corrupt family of Attorneys whom has went on in making her living in scamming on-line businesses by charging back on them, Liable them on the Web for not giving into her demands, or launching frivolous lawsuits to obtain settlements etc.

We can show that her father Frank G. Prantil was sent to a California prison for a couple of years for stealing a great deal of money from a client awaiting trial for murder whom he was representing, and then lying about it to a grand jury that also resulted in disbarment.

We can show, that her uncle Richard G. Prantil filed false court documents in scamming the courts and a once client out of ten-thousand dollars four years latter and after the fact of him handling their case, in which he was forced to pay back. Both guys were disbarred for a certain amount of time, Richard acquired his license back for some reason and Frank was just ran out of town there in San Diego California.

Now, we see Mary Prantil using public defenders and or, the Court Appointed Attorneys office concerning her nine criminal charges being aggravated harassment, criminal contempt, felony E stalking, resisting arrest, communicating alarm, disobey a court, jumping parole from Rikers Island prison, just to mention a few, while playing the state of New York for over four years and wasting a lot of tax payer dollars, where does it STOP?

Ok, this really gripes my ass in that this prantil, or menace to society, is actually using the state to defend herself from the states own charges against her. Please see all the continuances and other legal motions filed by Prantil's public defender in the records below, it will make you sick and possibly, a little embarrassed if your the state prosecuting her. It will make you very angry or even outraged you if your a New York Tax Payer.

This ought to give you a pretty good idea of all the wasted New York tax dollars inured by Prantil's frivolous legal play in the New York courts. Basically, this criminal is running up the bill for the New York Tax Payers as the state charges and or, raises taxes as a resort of idiots like Prantil making a mockery out of the legal system. Huge deficit for a state whom has been on the verge of bankruptcy over the last four years.

Whom moreover, allows this creepy criminal to spend most of her time harassing and posting trash on numerous innocent businesses on Internet while she hides behind 60 or so anonymous names. That is, when she's between her court hearings for committing some of the same crimes there in NYC, how PATHETIC is that.

What I'd like to know Mayor Bloomberg and Governor Cuomo, is why do you permit this piece of New York Trash to harass innocent people for over years plus, when it's evident that this criminal Mary Prantil of Astoria Queens New York should have been put under a jail some place?.

Did you know that we've had people call into us stating that Prantil was doing this sort of thing 28 ? Yes, doing these same things to other on-line and land based business owners. You know, We the people of the United States that are tired of scum balls like Mary Prantil using the legal system while harassing others through this same system in, and out of the courts.

Yep, were tired of a entire such as New York in allowing criminals like Prantil to file one frivolous lawsuit after another, and others having to file legitimate lawsuits against her simply because, the state of New York can't seem to get this idiot out of society, Why is this?

A State whom further seems to be more interested in the rights of a criminal personality such as Prantil, over the rights of those that follow the laws of the State and federal government. A Sate that allows a person like this to attack the very D.A that is prosecuting her case, and does nothing.

When this same criminal has managed to remove the primary D.A that was prosecuting her case, just because she called him and incriminated herself in one of numerous harassing calls to him. I want to know why New York can't clean up its own trash pertaining to Mary Prantil, and why must the rest of Society and or, the Tax Payers endure this kind of crap coming from a low life criminal especially, when your paid to keep this element of society under control.

In closing, Mary Prantil has total and flagrant disregard for the law, and the rules of society on the whole, She's a slap in the face to justice, and a parasite that feeds off of the hard work and peace of all honest and peace loving people everywhere just trying to make a living in this sick economy.

Mary Prantil is the very thing that erodes society at its very foundation and can be considered, the very sickness that society allows to continue simply because, it doesn't want to violate her civil rights even though, criminals like prantil don't deserve any civil rights. Why should criminals like prantil have any kind of rights when she doesn't observe the rights of others over a prolong period of years. She's a CRIMINAL guys and you are elected officials, so put her in jail and Keep her There!!!!

Mary Prantil has a life long criminal career and currently has nine criminal charges she is on trial for, and one in Nevada. Mary Prantil uses dozens of Spell Casters to help her attain her wishes, then commits haneous acts to mess up her spell results, then blames her messed up life on the Spell Casters that have helped her. Mary Prantil messes up her life and alienates everyone around her including her own family, while blaming everyone for everything that has gone wrong in her life because of her own evil deeds against innocent people. 

Mary Prantil is broke, lost her inheritance after sponging and taking advantage of her family and mother for years on end while continuing her SCAMMING CRIME SPREE to hurt innocent people, Spell Casters and ANYONE that does not agree with her. Mary Prantil refuses to take responsibility for her OWN actions but instead blames her shortcomings on other innocent people who have tried to help her, then calls them SCAM. 

Top Spell Caster Jan Windglows SUES Mary Prantil because Mary Prantil cannot and will not stop stalking and harrassing Jan Windglows and her husband. Mary Prantil had it coming for years. Mary Prantil sends Jan Windglows a letter of EXTORTION threatening Jan Windglows. Mary Prantil stalks Spell Casters, and other different types of celebrities, comedians, etc. in her weak sick efforts of her so called "claim to fame" while using her crimes and abuse to continue to harass spell casters, other high profile people, writing lie after lie in her hateful crime spree against innocent people. 

READ THE LAWSUIT- this is how stalkers SHOULD be handled, because that is the only way to get through to them, by sending them to JAIL where they will not hurt themselves or others. WE HAVE SUED Mary Prantil due to her long term criminal history of stalking and abusing us. If she does not get that or understand that, it is ok because she is on her way to jail anyway, why? BECAUSE MARY PRANTIL IS A HARD CORE CRIMINAL and does not know any other way except for her sick life of crime against innocent people and business. 

Now that Mary Prantil is getting her BUTT KICKED by us, she is angry and continues to post lies about us but we REFUSE to back down from trash like her. Mary Prantil is a low life criminal who is better off when she is locked up and out of society because she will never be capable of being any type of honest or decent person that is able to make any type of positive contribution to society. This is Jan Windglows and Jim Morgan posting the lawsuit that we won on scum scammer 

CRIMINAL Mary Prantil just for the record. Stalker Mary Prantil belongs in prison. She is doing this to several other people as well, as she prides herself in harassing other people and businesses. Mary Prantil, the malicious poster here filed numerous frivilous lawsuits on New York, PLUS the New York Police Department that were thrown out of court. Currently we are telling everyone about the criminal she is, including Mayor Bloomberg. Posting hateful untrue malicious comments is one of Mary Prantil's favorite hobbies. So, here is the summons we served on Prantil, and the lawsuit. 

She never even had the nerve to show up for the court hearing. See the attached files on the next page of us serving Mary Prantil a summons. You can view the full records, and actual lawsuit via this link, as it is too many pages to post here. Just click the link and then see the file here for the court summons and law suit first pages. 

Mary Prantil's criminal records can also be seen at this link.  



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