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Ion Torrent

The HTSF's Ion Torrent Sequencer provides excellent "sequencing by synthesis" capabilities, yielding data quickly and affordably.  

The 2.5 day submission-to-data turnover time consists of:
  • library preparation (1 day)
  • emulsion PCR (1 day)
  • sequencing (1/2 day)

Currently, we offer runs with Ion 316, 318, and Proton 1 Chips:




 Proton 1
 data/run200 Mb500 Mb6 Gb
 reads2 M5 M33 M

If you have any other questions about the HTSF's Ion Torrent Sequencer, please contact Nick Schuch.  Downloadable PDF and Word versions of submission sheets for all types of Ion Torrent runs are available on the Forms & Guides page.