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§HTML stand for HyperText Markup Language, the major language of the internet's World Wide Web.

§Web sites and web pages are written in HTML.

§With HTML and the world wide web, you have ability to bring together text, pictures, sounds and links all in one place.

§HTML files are plain text files, so they can be composed and edited on any type of computer windows, Mac, Unix and whatever.

Basic Structure



<title>HTML tutorial by</title>



"REPLACE This with YOUR HTML Code"



Browser Display

HTML Code (Place inbetween <body> and </body>)


1st Row Of 1st Paragraph
2nd Row Of 1st Paragraph

1st Row Of 2nd Paragraph
2nd Row Of 1st Paragraph

<p>1st Row Of 1st Paragraph <br>

2nd Row Of 1st Paragraph</p>

<p>1st Row Of 2nd Paragraph<br>

2nd Row Of 1st Paragraph</p>

To go to next paragraph press Enter at the row end.

To go to next row press Shift + Enter at the row end.


<p><u><i><b><font size="5" face="Tahoma">GENIUSIDEAS</font></b></i></u></p>

<u> is for underline, <I> is for italic, <b> is for bold and <font size> size for the letter.

1st Row

2nd Row

<table border="1" width="100" bordercolor="#000000">


<td>1st Row <p>2nd Row</td>



border="1" is for border size

width="100" is for Column width

bordercolor="#000000" is equal black.
"#FF0000" = Red,
"#008000" = Green and etc.





<table border="1" width="100" bordercolor="#000000">










No. and cells positioning :

1)Left , Top

2)Right , Top

3)Left , Bottom

4)Right , Bottom

<tr> stands for “table rows”

<td> stands for "table data,"


<p><a href="">

geniusideas</a ></p>

"<a>" for “anchor link”

"href" for "hypertext reference"

geniusideas – Text to be displayed - URL reference

Now open your NotePad copy paste the above HTML Code then save as xxxxx.html. (xxxxx is your file name & which directory? Up to you).Then open your Internet Explorer Click File – Open – Browse to open your xxxxx.html file. The Internet explorer will display as per column 1(Browser Display). Now! You know what Code commonly use for internet to transfer all the data, the answer is HTML (Hyper Text Mark-up Language).

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