Instruction Page

Online Giving is easy to use and can set up regular giving directly from your checking account.  Envelopes will remain an option, but you can do anything with Online Giving that you could do with envelopes.

The first secret is to take advantage of the video clips that give directions.  When you see a little film strip, you can click on it and get instructions on how to use that page.

The second secret is to get a userid.  This must be unique among all users of Online Giving in the whole world, so using something like your name + zip code is a good way to get one that is unique.

The third secret is creation of a good password.  A good password has both upper and lower case letters and some numbers.  A nickname, movie name, book name and some meaningful number makes a good password.  

Once you get started, the menus are simple to follow, and there are plenty of videos to help you.  Contact the church treasurer at if you have questions.