Welcome to HTCIA-WA Student Chapter

How does the HTCIA benefit you?

There are four areas that HTCIA membership can improve your academic and professional career.

1. Public speaking, community involvement, and extracurricular activity.
Set yourself up for success professionally and make a positive impact.

2. Professional and academic networking opportunities.
HTCIA students frequently help each other academically. Several excellent organizations in
the public and private sector have members in our parent chapter, the Washingotn State HTCIA.

3. Insights on the handling of digital evidence, known as electronically stored information.
Legal professionals and accountants interested in a career
specializing in auditing benefit the most from this.

4. Expand on your education as a computer and network professional with information security.
An understanding of how to configure and use technology in a world with increasing security risks
is now and will increasingly become a useful skill for both personal and professional computing.

Who Are We?

Edmonds Community College is pleased to offer a student HTCIA chapter. This is the first student chapter formed on the United States west coast, and the fourth student chapter formed worldwide. The Washington State HTCIA chapter sponsors this exciting opportunity.

Got questions?  Email us at edcc.htcia@gmail.com and we will be happy to answer them for you!


Our Purpose 

The purpose of the student chapter will be to foster, promote, and encourage the study of criminal investigations involving advanced technologies and security by the academic community. To be eligible, EdCC students must be currently enrolled in a 2 year program majoring in computer science; forensics, criminal justice, law enforcement, corrections, accounting, auditing, or a similar program of study with a minimum Grade Point Average of 3.5 GPA in their major or a 3.0 GPA Overall.

Join Us

We welcome students who are passionate about computer forensics and/or information security with a desire and capacity to learn through hands on projects and interactive class presentations.  This hands on approach to learning will help develop your professional skills.  We are always adding exciting and informative projects to our monthly calendar.  We highly encourage our members to develop their public speaking skills by creating and designing industry related projects and ideas and presenting them during our scheduled student chapter sessions.  Stop by one of our weekly meetings and see us in action!  

For more information on how to join our group, please visit the following link: