About Balvihar

HTCC Balvihar has been offered at the temple since 1988. It is a class where knowledge and awareness of the core values of life are shared, discussed and taught. The core values focused on at the HTCC Balvihar are: Sathya, Dharma, Shanti, Prema, Ahimsa and Bhakthi. Every religious institution tries to connect with young adults and children – for they are the torch bearers of the future. Every child requires moral education to provide a good foundation for life and role-models to emulate and learn from. At the HTCC Balvihar, these core-values are taught with emphasis on Indian culture and spirituality to inculcate the basic tenets of Hinduism.

Teachers impart Balvihar values through moral stories, role play, games, arts & crafts and service projects. Children and youth are taught simple mantras and bhajans recommended to be incorporated into their daily prayer routine to create a lifelong habit of spending a few minutes with the divine.
Balvihar participates in all religious and cultural temple activities.

Balvihar Structure

Balvihar has six sections/groups named after the Balvihar core value: Sathya, Dharma, Shanti, Prema, Ahimsa and Bhakthi. We meet every Sunday from 10am to 11am followed by Bal-Aarthi at the temple sanctum.
We start with a 10 minute opening prayer session as a group. And end with a closing prayer session.

Balvihar Teacher Sevaks

Balvihar teacher sevaks is a volunteer community that helps your children goes through this journey. Parent participation is highly valued. Parent volunteers have made valuable contributions in many Balvihar activities.