The League

Open letter from Lynda:

I don’t have the words to express how much I appreciate all the support we received during the nearly 3 yrs of the lawsuit.  My participation came with warnings, but I felt being a long-time HSV resident it was time I took a stand and not just by Letters in the Voice.  At least the Board heard our grievances and maybe some of their plans will be set aside, or maybe not.  One failure doesn’t mean forever-more.  There will be another day and another villager to take a stand against those who decide our future behind closed doors.  Thank you again to all who supported our cause. 
Sincerely, Lynda Narug

Thank You Gene and Lynda for your courage to challenge the powerful few who ruined our Village. We all believed as you; our homes were worth fighting for. Unfortunately the POA has successfully used the courts to completely change this community forever. The Property Owners Association and Board of Directors until now existed to serve and protect the property owners. Now they are our Overlords. They have the power to force the residents to pay for every hair-brained failed scheme of theirs from now on. They can change our Protective Covenants to suit any corporate partner’s wildest desires. What stands in their way of disbanding elections and appointing future board members? (Heaven forbid we might elect a Leeming) Will they just start declaring assessment increases in the future like they do our water bills? If anyone dares to challenge their authority they will indignantly point to Gene and Lynda and wiggle their trigger finger as a warning. We fought the good fight and lost. We didn’t know the governor. As the appellate court implied, we get what we deserve, after all we elected these people.

Moeller case still on hold
Gene and Lynda were threatened with a lawsuit by some of our more noble neighbors if they appealed the local lower courts overnight decision. They appealed and the following Fiends of the Village weaponized our legal system and filed their lawsuit.The same low court local judge decided to wait and see how the higher court ruled before deciding if Gene and Lynda's complaint is frivolous.
Cathie and Paul Moeller                         John Hollansworth
Thomas and Margaret Arwood             Jim Erickson
Bobbie Bateman                                      Diane Hanchar
Ann and Robert Bowman                      Greg Frank
Paul Bridges                                             D.Levan Hubbard
Tom Bryant                                              Ross Johnson
 John Paul                                                David and Deborah Joliff
 Tommy Elliot                                          Wayne Krone
James Davis                                             Robert Caverly
Gene Chamberlain                                 James Paxinos
Keith and Beverly Salisbury                  Robert Schappek
John Schrage                                           Frank Shandor
Martha Smither                                      Paul Anderson
Bruce Douglas                                         Judy Peterson
Donald Wallace