The League

Our Purpose - Fight the two tier assessment scheme (and more) in court!

Our Appeal has been Bumped up to the Supreme Court of Arkansas
by-passing the Appeals Court altogether


The supreme court, after having our case for a whole year, and after newly appointed justices took office, all of a sudden sent our case back down to the appellate court and will now allow oral arguments...

...Exactly what the POA's attorneys asked for!

... Could there be any correlation between that decision and information gleaned from our own Village newsletter? ...

Village digest 1/27/2017

Board Comments

This morning some POA Board members and our CEO attended a Chamber breakfast meeting at the Benton Events Center. Hot Springs Village sponsored the meeting.

The guest speaker was Governor Asa Hutchinson. He again shared his passion and interest in attracting resources and talent to this state so that all of our communities can grow together. The governor understands what a private community like ours brings to the state economically.

There were several legislators in attendance including Kim Hammer, Lanny Fite, Andy Mayberry, Andy Davis, and Jeremy Hutchinson.
This was a good event for Hot Springs Village.

Moeller case still on hold
Gene and Lynda were threatened with a lawsuit by some of our more noble neighbors if they appealed the lower local courts overnight decision. They appealed and the following Fiends of the Village weaponized our legal system and filed their lawsuit.
Cathie and Paul Moeller                         John Hollansworth
Thomas and Margaret Arwood             Jim Erickson
Bobbie Bateman                                      Diane Hanchar
Ann and Robert Bowman                      Greg Frank
Paul Bridges                                             D.Levan Hubbard
Tom Bryant                                              Ross Johnson
 John Paul                                                David and Deborah Joliff
 Tommy Elliot                                          Wayne Krone
James Davis                                             Robert Caverly
Gene Chamberlain                                 James Paxinos
Keith and Beverly Salisbury                  Robert Schappek
John Schrage                                           Frank Shandor
Martha Smither                                      Paul Anderson
Bruce Douglas                                         Judy Peterson
Donald Wallace