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We combined cryoEM and mass spectrometry to determine the atomic structure of a feline coronavirus spike protein.  We demonstrated the ability to directly visualize post-translationally modified glycan structures that shield most of the viral spike protein surface, which has long been a major challenge in structural biology.  In light of the resurgence of SARS, which is transmitted by coronaviruses, our technological advancement can be readily applied to examine the molecular details of infectious viral glycoproteins that are involved in host recognition and viral entry and to aid vaccine developments. This work has been published in PNAS

“貓奴別擔心! 冠狀病毒感染關鍵新發現 有助開發疫苗”

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We presented a novel scaffold design based on a homotrimeric ornithine transcarbamylase (OTC) from E. coli fused with a ubiquitin at the C-termini (white) to help visualize by cryo-EM a 26 kDa human ubiquitin C-terminal hydrolase that recognizes the C-terminus of ubiquitin.