i like software if it works. 

i like software more if it is small, efficient, free, and open source.

ironically, google sites is not a likable software app. 
it added weird crippling extra html to my links and therefore i just axed all the links. 

chrome - the minimalist in me likes it

reference manager
jabref - LaTeX-ready but not required

image editing
irfanview - best screen capture that i know of.
imageJ - image processing

ubuntu - i dabble in it. xubuntu is even smaller!

google misc
picasa - would not survive without this image organizer. 65,473 images and counting... 
google earth - fun, useful
calendar - useful. sports team calendars, for example.
reader - daily dose
sites - i do not recommend
skype - better than at&t

vlc - versatile

particle tracking
polyparticletracker - love it when other people write the code [matlab]

video clipping
asfbin - small and efficient

njstar - for all your chinese word-processing needs

dropbox - drop off anything up to 100MB
matlab - not small, not efficient, not free, not open source, but SO AWESOME
i still use frontpage - but only because it lets me edit the html directly, and i know how to avoid their weird extra crippling html.

for more - open source as alternative

last modified 01 dec 2009