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Joanne Roberts, Ph.D., CFLE

My urban sociology class just completed its seventh annual neighborhood block party with the North Park Neighborhood Friendship House. See story:

Chelsea Bewick
Class of 2011
Plans to attend graduate school,
California Baptist University


The Department of Sociology is a small department which contributes to strong professional and personal relationships between faculty and students. Students will always know their advisers and can count on getting recommendations while they are students at Hardin Simmons University, as well as after they leave the institution. Some of our sociology graduates have gone on to graduate school while others have entered the job market. Currently, we have majors and minors who work in non-profit organizations, education, business, social work, counseling, law enforcement and ministry.
Welcome to my personal webpage. I am excited to share information with you about the Sociology Department at HSU. The Sociology Department offers a wide variety of courses designed to meet the interests of our students. In each course, an emphasis is placed upon building a strong foundation in theory and research methods. Sociology majors have the opportunity to get real life  experience through internships as well as through active learning experiences outside the classroom. For example, each spring semester for the past 7 years, members of the Urban Sociology class have worked with Connecting, Caring, Communities, the City of Abilene Neighborhood Services, and the North Park Neighborhood Friendship House as part of a Christian Community Renewal project in north Abilene. Students have surveyed the residents, helped form a neighborhood association, conducted a voter registration drive, and sponsored a neighborhood block party for the last 7 years. Other active learning experiences have included travel courses to Community Renewal International in Shreveport, Louisiana and the Navajo Indian Reservation in Window Rock, Arizona. Please feel free to contact me at 325-670-5863 or email me at if you need additional information.


In the picture above, the class is pictured with the Vice-President of the Navajo Nation. In the picture to the left,one of our students is learning to make Indian Fry Bread.

Abbey Wartes
Class of 2011
Attending graduate school,
HSU Family Psychology Program


The sociology department has an Endowed Award in Sociology that is presented to a junior sociology major. The award has a monetary prize and is awarded at the Social Work banquet each spring. Abbey Wartes was the award winner this past spring.


This is the building where most of our sociology classes are taught and where the faculty offices are located.
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