I am Hyungsuk (Tak) Tak, an assistant professor in the Department of Statistics, Department of Astronomy & Astrophysics, and Institute for Computational and Data Sciences at the Pennsylvania State University.

In preparation for the era of the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST), I work closely with astronomers and astrophysicists to analyze astronomical time series and imaging data, developing practically motivated data analytic tools. Specifically, my research interests are

  • Time delay cosmography for the Hubble constant estimation
  • Statistical computation (data augmentation/missing data/Markov chain Monte Carlo)
  • Robust inference on pulsar timing array for detecting gravitational waves
  • Bayesian hierarchical modeling with frequency coverage evaluation

Previously, I was an assistant professor in the Department of Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Notre Dame from 2018-2019, and was a post-doctoral fellow at SAMSI ASTRO / UNC STOR from 2016-2018. I received my Ph.D. in statistics from Harvard University under the guidance of Professors Xiao-Li Meng, Carl Morris, and David van Dyk in 2016.

Sending an email (tak@psu.edu) is the most effective way to contact me.

The interview with the Harvard Alumni Association is here (in the middle of the linked webpage) and the one with SAMSI is here.