Digital Learning

FREE online classes for middle school and high school students. If this isn't for you, is this an opportunity for a homeschool family you know

  • You recognize the importance of developing kids' capacity and creativity--these are young people to be raised up, not simply "vessels to be filled with knowledge." 
  • Nearly 100% of the homeschool kids who completed a semester class with us last spring (like Shakespeare and DigiDesigns) are returning to take another class this fall. That speaks volumes. 
  • The first "Digital Learning" course is FREE. The full semester-length courses are dirt cheap. 
"Digital Learning" Highlights:
  • A Digital Learning student wrote this spring: "At the beginning of this course I knew very little about what web tools were out there. Everything was babysteps, which really allowed you to grasp what you were doing, along with giving you a sense of accomplishment after every little step was done. I got to the point where I thought, wow, we have learned so many things, it couldn't have only been six weeks!" 
  • "It’s been fun to see my boys gain self-confidence and motivation. Since my kids have always been home-schooled, these courses are the 1st occasions for them to be taught and critiqued consistently by another adult. This in itself has provided them a new experience, one that has been very positive for them and me." (More parent testimonials are at the bottom of this page.)
  • Students only need to know how to copy and paste to start, but by the end of 6 weeks, your kids will have amazing digital skills. Check out these real examples of past students' work after 6 weeks:

Digital Learning is a 6-week, hybrid-live class designed to give you a no-strings-attached gift (while showing you the awesomeness of HSS classes). Digital Learning starts in mid August, but registration is open now and students are encouraged to register by early August.

I need you to help spread the word. Please?
  • If your homeschool co-op has an electronic bulletin board of some kind, would you consider posting something about us? There may be families in your community who need exactly the sort of service we offer. 
  • Do you have a back-to-school open house for homeschool families in your area? I'd be happy to stick a packet of brochures in the mail to you.
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Tim Chase
e-Learning Design & Instruction

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