Sitting For Kehinde Wiley


This project began with an in class screening of a very short Current TV Pod featuring New York based artist, Kehinde Wiiley.  Wiley's special gift is painting young hip hoppers - all hooded, hat'd, posing and bejeweled, against some rather unusual - oxymoronic, baroque and genteel backdrops. 

     NMTCS Students          The Last Supper


At the end of the video I passed around a dozen or more of my prized jazz and art books.  I asked my students to go through the books and imagine if they could sit for Kehinde Wiley, how would they like to be painted?

         Brandon/Oye                                            Clifford Brown/Max Roach


The students tore and twisted through the books and selected three images that particularly spoke to them.

     Malcolm X                                                            Isaiah


Next we used a cell phone to take pictures of the pictures in the books.  




I transferred the cell phone pics via bluetooth to my laptop, and sent the images from my laptop to the TV.


We arranged the room into a mini-mini studio and the students posed like the images in the books.  

                              The students took all the photographs.                  

 We have created a wiki for this project.  Students post biographical, bibliographic and other related information on the wiki.

Some students have already uploaded their work to flickr and jumpcut.