About me

Prof. Hsiu-Chin Lin

hsiu-chin.lin at mcgill dot ca

Assistant Professor

School of Computer Science

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

McGill University

McConnell Engineering Building, Room 6213480 University StreetMontreal, Quebec, Canada H3A 0E9

I have open positions for Ph.D. If you are interested, please go to "prospective students".

Prior to joining McGill Unversity, I am a Research Associate in Robotics at the School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh and was a Research Fellow at the School of Computer Science, University of Birmingham. Previously, I received my PhD degree in Informatics from the University of Edinburgh and my Msc degree in Computing Science from the University of Alberta.

My interests involve research in the fields of robotics and machine learning for motor control. I am interested in enabling robots to assist humans in our everyday activities. My research centres on motion-based control, optimization, and learning of robot motion, particularly for robot arms and quadruped robots. Some of my previous work can be found under "Research".

How to pronounce my first name?

Any of /'ʃəʊ dʒɪn/, /'ʃoʊ dʒɪn/, /'ʃəʊ tʃɪn/, or /'ʃoʊ tʃɪn/ are fine.