My project is a giant sphere made of plastic cups. The significance of the cups is that they are used to find the surface area of the sphere. This is done by stapling all of the cups together in a way that they make a sphere. The surface area varies to how many cups you use. By measuring the diameter of the opening of one cup, you can use them as a form of measurement. By aligning the cups from one point of the sphere to another, you can find the diameter, divide it by 2 and find the radius. Then you just use the surface area for spheres which is, A = 4 x Pi x R^2.

Driving question:
How would you calculate the surface are of sphere? What's the relation between area and radius? 
The formula of the surface area of the sphere 4 x Pi x r^2. Where r is the radius of the sphere.  This formula was discovered over two thousand years ago by the Greek philosopher Archimedes. He also realized that the surface area of a sphere is exactly equal to the area of the curved wall of its circumscribed cylinder, which is the smallest cylinder that can contain the sphere. Similarity: I've used similarity to calculate and compare the surface are of inside and out side of giant sphere. There are 2 spheres when you complete the giant sphere design. Surface Areas' ratio is equal to radius' ratios square.