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July 2012 Gathering

posted Aug 5, 2012, 9:05 PM by Hsilai Friends
On July 28, Hsilai Friends had its July 2012 monthly gathering at City
of Upland. Daniel and Martha, students from English Buddhist class and
Yoga class were very kind to offer their residence for the event. The
topic of the study was the interrelationship between Buddhism in the
West and modern science, particularly the information technology. The
much-heated discussion focused on a rather noticeable western Buddhist
community, the Buddhist Geeks whose mission is stated to bring the
"digital dharma" to the public by online broadcasting the interviews
they did with many prominent contemporary and innovative western
Buddhist practitioners. It was a fun, interesting, and
thought-provoking event for all the ten participated members. The
Hsilai Friend will meet again in Sep. 2012.