Acknowledgements & Guidelines


We especially wish to thank the local farmers and landowners who have allowed us to walk on their land;  the guides and
registration staff who give their time voluntarily, and all our generous sponsors.


There is always a risk of injury or even death in any hill walking activity.  To minimise this risk all participants must select a walk suited to their level of fitness and stamina.  You are personally responsible for ensuring that you are fit and able to complete the walk(s) you have selected.  You may discuss this with a guide during registration but the guide cannot determine your fitness or stamina, so if you are uncertain of your abilities or equipment err on the side of caution and choose a less demanding walk.
It is also in your interests to advise the guides if you are on medication.

You must also have suitable weatherproof clothing, walking boots, personal first aid kit, food and water.  The weather can change very rapidly on these hills so you must be prepared for all conditions.  

You will be walking as part of a group.  The group's enjoyment of the walk can not be sacrificed for the selfishness of one, so the experienced guides leading the walks can refuse to take anyone who may become liability, either to themselves or the group.  Such a decision is final and must be accepted.

These hill walks are on private land and the Holey Soles Walking Club has reached agreement with the owners in order to hold this Festival.  Please respect that this agreement does not authorise any other individual or group to use these same routes at any other time.

No dogs allowed on hill walks under any circumstances.

The Holey Soles Walking Club supports local community organisations.