Hitoshi Shigeoka

Position (on leave)

- Associate Professor, Simon Fraser University
- Faculty Research Fellow, NBER
- Associate Editor, Japan Economic Review

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  • 10/1-12/31, 2018: Visiting University of Tokyo
  • 1/1-3/31, 2019:     Visiting Hitotsubashi University
  • 4/1-8/31, 2019:     Visiting University of Tokyo

Research Interests

      Health, Labor, Public, and Behavioral Economics

Working Papers

  • How Do Peers Impact Learning? An Experimental Investigation of Peer-to-peer Teaching and Ability Tracking
     (with Erik Kimbrough, and Andrew McGee) 
     [PDF[NBER WP] [IZA WP] [Appendix]  (First draft: May 2017, Updated: June 2018)  
    R&R at 
    Journal of Human Resources
  • Infant Mortality and the Repeal of Federal Prohibition
     (with David Jacks, and 
    Krishna Pendakur) 
    (First draft: May 2017, Updated: November 2018)   Submitted
  • Income-comparison Attitudes in the United States and the United Kingdom: Evidence from Discrete-choice Experiments
     (with Katsunori Yamada)  
     [PDF[Supplement[NBER WP] (First draft: March 2015, Updated: July 2018) 
     R&R at Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization
  • School Entry Cutoff Date and the Timing of Births 
     [PDF[NBER WP(First draft: Feb 2012, Updated: May 2014)  Submitted 
  • Free for Children? Patient Cost-sharing and Healthcare Utilization 
     (with Toshiaki Iizuka) 
     [PDF] [Appendix
    [NBER WP(First draft: November 2017; Updated: November 2018)  Revising 

Selected Work in Progress

  • Non-linear Pricing and Health Care Utilization
    (with Toshiaki Iizuka)
  • Spatial Competition and Election Cycles: Case of Child Healthcare Policy 
    (with Yasutora Watanabe) 
  • The Effect of Financial Resources on Individual Preferences
    (with Peter Eibich, and Chie Hanaoka)

Published/Forthcoming Papers

  • The Effectiveness of Demand-side Government Intervention to Promote Elderly Employment: Evidence from Japan 
     (with Ayako Kondo) 
      Industrial and Labor Relations Review70(4), 1008-1026, 2017.
  • The Effect of Patient Cost-sharing on Utilization, Health and Risk Protection
      American Economic Review104(7): 2152-2184, 2014
      [PDF] [Appendix]       
    Media: [Nikkei Business (in Japanese)]
  • Supplier-induced Demand for Newborn Treatment: Evidence from Japan
     (with Kiyohide Fushimi, MD)
     Journal of Health Economics, 35: 162-178, 2014. [Shigeoka, first-author]
  • Effects of Universal Health Insurance on Health Care Utilization, and Supply-Side Responses: Evidence from Japan
     (with Ayako Kondo)
     Journal of Public Economics, 99: 1-23, 2013. [Lead article]

Last updated March 2019