The Dao of Biology

Life on this planet arose from inanimate matter about 3.7 billion years ago. Evolution of life ever since has produced the three elaborate domains we see today, and along the way has dramatically changed the environment locally and globally. Such an interactive progression shows life and environment are indispensable to each other, or in a more general term they are the Yin Yang of life. Extant (cellular) life is primarily executed by metabolome (full complement of metabolic reactions catalyzed by enzymes), supported by genome, epigenome, and proteome; and the environments they live in now have extended from non-living to living (e.g., animal hosts for pathogens).

I am interested in microbial ecology and evolution, particularly how microbes, a cellular life machine, explore environments and adapt to certain niches through holistic integration of genome organization, transcriptome, and metabolome. Two areas of interest have been cyanobacterial blooms and bioenergy. Currently I am focusing on microbial metabolomics (comprehensive analysis of small molecules in metabolome), 'the youngest sibling in the family of omics fields', and its applications in biofuel production and microbial ecology and evolution.

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