Work in Progress (write-up stage)

Urban development

  • The Two Tails of Cities. A (More) Exhaustive Perspective on Urban Population Growth and City Spatial Expansion, with Amjad Khan and Brian Blankespoor.
  • Income Inequality and the Inverted Density Curve, with Basile Pfeiffer and Vincent Viguié.


  • Roads and Structural Transformation in Mali, with Brian Blankespoor, Sandrine Mesplé-Somps and Gilles Spielvogel.
  • Roads and Wildlife in Kenya, with Richard Damania, Sebastien Desbureaux and Mohammed Said.

Land property rights and land markets

  • Certified to Stay: Experimental Evidence on Land Formalization and Widows’ Tenure Security in Benin, with Ioana Botea, Markus Goldstein, Kenneth Houngbedji, Florence Kondylis and Michael O’Sullivan.
  • Competing Land Property Rights, with Liam Wren-Lewis.
  • Unequal Access to Land for Housing, with Alain-Durand Lasserve and Maylis Durand-Lasserve.
  • Land Challenges in Expanding sub-Saharan African Cities. What Policy Makers Need to Bear in Mind when Dealing with Rapid Rural-Urban Land Use Conversion, with Alain Durand-Lasserve, Geoff Payne, Sina Schlimmer and Oumar Sylla.