I think it is safe to say that technology is changing our lives every day.  It is especially changing how students can find and disseminate information, which in-turn, should change the way instruction is provided in schools.

Technology is no longer a luxury item that educators can choose to infuse with their curriculum.  As we know the ISTE standards (International Society for Technology Education) are embedded throughout the Common Core.  Furthermore, and most importantly, technology is rooted in almost all facets of our students' daily lives.  So to choose to turn your cheek to technology integration, for whatever reason, would be a disservice to our students and our economy - seeing that our students are preparing to drive our economy in future years.  

Can you say that you are preparing your students t0 enter a workforce that is rich in technology and that teaches what it means to collaborate, communicate (both written and verbal), adapt, lead, problem solve, think critically and innovate/create?   The marriage of relevant curriculum and technology tools can impact the educational outcomes of many students.  It is my hope that this site will assist in finding tools and resources that will help infuse technology while planning and preparing a creative and successful learning environment for your students.  I think that this is a great starting place to see what a few 'go to' tools are for each standard, but please DON'T forget that the tool is used to enrich the content, support the curricular goals, create a more efficient workflow, increase 21st century skills/engagement/participation/global awareness, assess students' knowledge/thinking and I think you get the idea.  

If you are struggling with technology integration take a look at the TPACK and SAMR models - these may help in understanding the marriage of EdTech and curriculum.

This site is still a work in progress and will be updated regularly.  I encourage you to please leave comments and list other tools and resources that you feel fit well within each standard.  My vision is to include a third column that provides links to curriculum and ideas for each standard.  So please message me via Twitter (@jlachel) or G+ (+JenLachel) and I can add your content (you will be given credit).