Make Donations


1.  Make a commitment to sponsor an orphan on a monthly basis:  This is the best way to truly change the life of an orphan in Zimbabwe at just $35/month.  Download our sponsor commitment card (you can also find this on our Who We Are page) , fill it out and mail (USPS) or e-mail us the information.  We will add you as one of our partners in the Vimba Vana ministry and will send you payment coupons to make your monthly payments.  You can pay monthly or you can pay as many months up front as you like...just please be aware that this is an ongoing monthly commitment to support a specific orphan.  You also have the option of sending us your payment in the form of a check/money order, or you can pay online with your credit/debit card by clicking the "Donation Button" below.

Click below to partner with Vimba Vana ministries and sponsor an orphan today!

Monthly support provides an orphan of Zimbabwe with paid tuition to attend school, a uniform to wear at the school, food, and other miscellaneous care.

2.  Make a one time donation:  You can also make a one time donation to help Vimba Vana meet some of the other many needs of the orphans, their families, and their schools in Zimbabwe.  One time donations also help us to "fill in the gaps" left by delinquent sponsorship commitments.  You can mail us your one time donations or you can click the "Donate Now" button above.

3.  Purchase Vimba Vana Awareness Gear:  All proceeds from the purchase of Awareness Gear at our Online Store are considered as "one time" donations and are included in the funds listed above under number 2.  Not only are you helping us raise awareness to the needs of the orphans in Zimbabwe, but you are helping Vimba Vana meet those needs as well...not to mention you will look pretty cool in the process!!!

Click here to order Vimba Vana Awareness promotional items:  Online Store