Frequently Asked Questions:

What does Vimba Vana stand for?

"Vimba" and "Vana" are Shona words, which is the local language of Zimbabwe.  "Vimba" is loosely translated to encompass our English word for "hope".  "Vana" is the Shona word for "children".  Our ministry is to provide hope for children in Zimbabwe and we feel that these two Shona words capture our vision and passion.

Who all is on the "missions ministry"?

In regard to Vimba Vana, the missions ministry is made up of a team of trained missionaries at Courtyard Church of Christ in Fayetteville, NC (Contact Us).  We are partnered with and report to the missions board at East Point Church of Christ in Wichita, KS.  Together, we form the missions ministry that travels to and coordinates with local churches and missions in Zimbabwe.

Where does my money go?

All money from donations are received at Courtyard Church of Christ.  This money is then forwarded to East Point Church of Christ where it is then used to support specific orphans in the Zimbabwe Orphan Program.  You may specify to have your money support an orphan or simply be used in the general support of the program.  "General support" encompasses buildings and programs in the various villages that the Zimbabwe Orphan Program ministers to in Zimbabwe.  "Orphan support" provides tuition fees, clothing, and food to orphans seeking an education in Zimbabwe.  (You can also visit the Zimbabwe Orphan Program Facebook page for more information)

What is the difference between the "Donate Now" button and donations received through the online store?

All donations made through the "Donate Now" button are a dollar-for-dollar donation to be applied to orphan support in Zimbabwe.  You donate $35, we send $35.

Donations made through the online store support Vimba Vana ministry awareness.  The bracelets, key chains, and shirts cost money to produce and ship and part of your donation must go to reimburse those expenses (which are minimal).  All proceeds above and beyond the cost to make each awareness item will go directly to orphan support in Zimbabwe.  In addition to raising support for these orphans, we are striving to generate awareness to the needs of these children in Africa.  These promotional items help us to achieve that goal.  When you receive your Vimba Vana Awareness items, please wear them every chance you get to draw more people to our cause!

What is so special about the Vimba Vana bracelets?

For starters...your bracelet is hand made by a missionary serving in the Vimba Vana ministries.  And, not only do the Vimba Vana Awareness Bracelets serve as a means of reminding you as well as a means of awareness to everyone that sees your daily commitment to wear it of the children that are relying on us.  WARNING!!!  THIS IS NOT A FASHION ACCESSORY ITEM TO BE COORDINATED WITH!  We picked the size and colors of this bracelet to stand out against your daily fashion.  By purchasing this bracelet you have become a partner with Vimba Vana, and as a partner, you also have committed to stand out against the injustice of hunger and poverty.  Wear it loudly and proudly!!!  

Why Zimbabwe (Africa)...can't I support other areas or ministries?

The Vimba Vana ministries have a commitment to Zimbabwe because of our personal experience and relationships with the children, families, and local leadership through annual visits to the area.  Our exhaustive efforts on the ground in Africa has brought us to specific schools, churches, and villages where we have identified specific needs and support.  As a result, we have made commitments to these schools, churches, and villages of our ongoing support.  In addition to our commitment for specific support, our long-term vision, passion, and call is to lead them into a position of independence.  This simply cannot be achieved through a broad scattering of funds across multiple regions or areas.