Outlook Instructions

To check the availability of the Hiscox Room:
Simply click the "Calendar" link to the left

If the room is available, and you would like to go forward with booking the room for an event:
1) Open Outlook
2) Go into your personal calendar
3) Start a new "Meeting Request" (by clicking the arrow next to the "New" icon in the upper left corner and selecting "Meeting Request")
4) Select the date and time you'd like to request - (IMPORTANT - be sure to include time for set-up and clean-up)
    * Be sure that you have indicated specific times. DO NOT RESERVE THE ROOM "All Day." You can still reserve the room all day by indicating a start time of 8AM and end time of 10PM. 
5) Click the "To..." button located just to the right of the large "Send" icon
6) Enter "RM Hiscox" in the search bar. When "RM Hiscox Organizational" is highlighted click "Resources"

7) Clear "RM Hiscox" from the search bar, and enter "2FIX" in the Search Bar. When "2FIX" is highlighted click "Resources"
8) Add any other attendees you wish to invite, and select "OK" (you'll probably want to add any others as "Required" or "Optional" instead of "Resources")
9) Put the name of the event in the "Subject" line.
10) In the body of the message, please indicate the following:
    a. Any notes you have for facilities regarding room setup.
(NOTE: This will NOT constitute a work order. You will still need to email "2FIX" for room set-up requests)
    b. Will your event be catered?
    c. Any other information that may be necessary for Student Development or Facilities (technology needs, help in the sound room                 prior to the event, etc.)
11) Send!