Welcome to the 8th conference of the Hellenic Society for Computational Biology and Bioinformatics - HSCBB13


  • The HSCBB, having achieved a number of milestones in 2012 including the society becoming an ISCB affiliate member, has scheduled HSCBB13 with a special format, devoting up to half of the conference time to community projects of national priority and relevance. Please come forward with suggestions, ideas and short presentations that can be used as discussion items at the conference. These will include the membership of Greece to ELIXIR (the European Infrastructure project for life science informatics) with representatives from the ELIXIR-gr discussing the current status and the involvement of the community, a HSCBB-led joint community research project, the participation of the HSCBB to bioinformatics training networks, regional activities and discussion of national priorities in the field.
City: Lamia
Place: University of Thessaly
Event Dates: 22-24 November 2013
Workshop: 22-11-13
Languages: English - Greek
Abstract Submission  Dates: 3-11-13
Early Registration: 7-11-13
  • As an outreach activity of the HSCBB, a satellite Workshop (22-11-2013) will be organized with subjects:
    • From gene expression to functional annotation using microarrays
    • Programming visual prototypes with Java and Processing.org 

Looking forward to seeing you in HSCBB13

The HSCBB13 Organizing Committee