About Recruiting

*Steps to take...
    1. Go to www.eligibilitycenter.org 
    2. Have your Head Coach create a "Recruiting Video":
                    Part I: Athlete's contact informaiton, Core GPA & ACT/SACT scores and Head Coach's contact informaiton
                    Part II: Create a 4-8 minute highlight video that displays your skills. 
                    Part III: One or two of your best full game films vs. good competition.
    3. Create a List of 10-18 potential colleges a variety of levels... ie, D2, D3, NAIA, and Jucos.
    4. Go to each schools team website and fill out recruiting questionaire.
     5. Send these schools your video to these schools.
          Upload Part 1 & 2 or recruiting video to "YouTube" and email the link to the college coaches.
    6. 2-3 weeks after mailing videos, follow up with each school with an email or phone call to the colleges head coach.
    7. If any of these colleges show interest, send them your High School and/or AAU schedules.
   8. Set up visits to these school.
    9. Choose a school based on the following:
                            A) Would I attend this school if I were a student only?
                            B) How bad does the coach really want me?
                            C) Is it a winning program?
*FILL OUT Financial Aid paperwork @ (FASA website)
...regardless of family income levels.
This helps colleges put together total financial packages fo student-athletes.