2013/2014 Season

Thursday 5th September 2013Introduction to Radio Astronomy  
Norman Pomfret (MARS)  

Thursday 3rd October 2013Deep Sky Observing  
Callum Potter (BAA) 

Thursday 7th November 2013No meeting

Saturday 9th November 2013
2-9 pm
Star Party at Berrington Hall
Mark Chamberlain (Hα solar viewing / Stellarium demo) / Steve Watson (Hereford Starlab Planetarium) / Dr Martin Griffiths (Telescope use) / Norman Pomfret (Radio Astronomy) / Paul Olver (Target Earth, comet & asteroid impact) / Cole Telescope

Thursday 5th December 2013  The way to the Stars, Colonies in Space
Jerry Stone (BIS)


Thursday 2nd January 2014AGM and Members Evening
Paul Haley – UTU film, talk by Paul Thornley

Thursday 6th February 2014

6th Annual Webb lecture - Sir David Gill: Surveyor to the Stars
Paul Haley (FRAS / HAS) 

Thursday 6th March 2014

? with Woolhope Geology Section

Thursday 3rd April 2014

Cassini at Titan …. or Moon talk / Bob Marriott ?   
Gerry Workman (Loughton AS) ? 

Thursday 1st May 2014

Constructing Telescopes

Thursday 5th June 2014 

Space / satellite ? 
Steve Duncan (Torbay AS) 

Thursday 3rd July 2014

Variable Stars
Dr Pierre Maxted (Uni of Keele)
No meeting in August