2012/2013 Season

Thursday 6th September 2012Planets, Life and Panspermi 
James Fradgley (FRAS)  

Thursday 4th October 2012Gamma Ray Bursts  
Mark Gibbons (Cotswold AS) 

Thursday 1st November 2012Oddities of the Solar System 
Bob Mizon MBE

Thursday 6th December 2012  UTU project / Member Observatories 
Members’ evening 


Thursday 3rd January 2013Chesley Bonestell, Space Art 
Keith Moseley (MARS) 

Thursday 7th February 2013

5th Annual Webb lecture - Archaeo-Astronomy
Dr Paul Olver (FRAS / FGS / HAS)  
Thursday 7th March 2013

Snowball Earth
Dr Gawan Jenkin (Uni of Leicester) with Woolhope Geology Section

Thursday 4th April 2013

Mars Revisited 
Gerry Workman (Loughton AS)   

Thursday 2nd May 2013

Observing the Moon 
Michael Morris (Worcester AS)   

Thursday 6th June 2013 

Neutron Stars 
Dr Paul Roche (Uni of Glamorgan)   

Thursday 4th July 2013

Ladies of the Night 
Dr Ann Bonnell (Leicester AS)   
No meeting in August