2010/2011 Season

Thursday 2nd September 2010Unravelling Sunspots 
Mark Gibbons (Cotswold AS)
Thursday 7th October 2010Herschel and Planck: one year of operations 
Dr Chris North (Uni of Cardiff) 

Thursday 4th November 2010Variable Stars 
Roger Pickard (BAA)

Thursday 2nd December 2010  meeting cancelled due to snow


Thursday 6th January 2011AGM
Members’ evening

Thursday 3rd February 2011

Climate change and the Solar Cycle  
Christianne Wakeham (OU)

Thursday 3rd March 2011

3rd Annual Webb lecture - The Antikythera Mechanism
Prof Mike Edmunds (Uni of Cardiff) 

Thursday 7th April 2011

Titan in the Eyes of Cassini 
Gerry Workman

Thursday 5th May 2011

Black Holes and Gravitational Waves 
Dr Steve Fairhurst (Uni of Cardiff)

Thursday 2nd June 2011 

The Universe in 4D 
Dr Chris Baddiley (Worcester AS)

Thursday 7th July 2011

Jack Martin
No meeting in August