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Enhanced Magazine Follower™ (EMF)

The Enhanced Magazine Follower™ concept exists to promote correct double-stacking of rounds within mid-capacity magazines, which reduces camming and drag on the magazine walls allowing efficient higher speed feeding given identical spring force. Credit goes to Maekii for first applying this style mod and Chaos for first offering it. There are two categories of follower currently available:

-UEMFThe Universal Enhanced Magazine Follower or UEMF™ was designed to be a near-universal replacement for the inferior ones found in most double stack AEG magazines. They have been confirmed to work in most double stack magazines including many magazines from the following companies: MAG, King Arms, Real Sword, G&P, PTS, Green Label, CYMA, TM, Core, Elite Force. Magazines which consistently struggle are extremely tight-corner magazines, including MP5 magazines, and they lack the bolt/slide catch protrusions necessary to provide full functionality with most gas blowback magazines. The development/testing thread can be found here. Please also not that over-packing your mags can tangle your magazine springs and flex the torsion bars which make up the follower body, both of which are detrimental to fast feeding. 

-REMF - The Restricted Enhanced Magazine Follower or REMF is a design which intentionally discarded any pretenses surrounding universal applicability. This follower was designed solely for maximum feeding speed, and is intended to function exclusively in large radius turn square channel double stack AR magazine variants. It may be compatible with other magazines, but this has not been tested by HSA. This follower has been tested with some MAG, G&P, and King Arms midcaps. This follower, unlike the UEMFs, is far more black and white regarding its compatibility, either the follower is able to be essentially blown through the magazine via lung force (much like the R-hop resistance test) or it will not likely function in your magazine. The public testing thread for this follower is on AM here

Both variants share the same critical basic features:
-Double stack follower profile, allowing smoother and faster feeding
-Dynamic body to allow maneuvering around tighter magazine corners
-Threaded spring retainer, no more fighting getting followers on and off
-Flattened base to work with un-closed springs. (closing still recommended)

13$ (+7$ U.S. shipping, international not available) for a 5pk REMF 
OOS - 23$ (+7$ U.S. shipping, international not available) for a 10pk UEMF™ gen. 2 - OUT OF STOCK

UEMF -- Tmag dump HD version ~120 .4g rounds

Barrel Lockdown Kit (BLK-Kit)

Critical to maximum accuracy, fantastically easy to use, and broadly applicable these BLKs allow users all across the performance spectrum can reap the benefits of stabilized barrels. It is built around the philosophy that, for maximum accuracy and precision, everything on a gun that doesn't need to move should be locked down. This kit is built to lock down your barrel and hop up unit in many different platforms. It prevents up and down movement at the muzzle and chamber, secures the hop up relative to the barrel, and firmly (better than those stock springs) presses your hop up unit against the front of your GB for more consistent air-seal as well. No longer will you be able to shake your rifle and be able to hear the inner barrel rattle within the outer barrel.

10$ (+7$ U.S. shipping, international not available) for a Barrel Lockdown Kit™ (BLK-kit)

Installation video:


This is an adaptation of the G-hop developed by Ishioka, currently one of the best precision shooters in airsoft. The mechanisms which allows the R-hop to function are somewhat complex, but are as follows:

-rearward bb contact creating highly consistent chambering unlike standard AEG hops, most other hop systems, and most so called "flat hop" systems.

-concavity which centers the bb in the barrel and improves spin velocity consistency and spin axis consistency. 

-extended contact, more than any other chamber based hop system in existence, tolerates bb imperfections in bb lubricity and diameter. The Wobble Hypothesis also addresses a possible mechanism as to how the R-hop appears to magically increase actual range, not just effective range, for some users. 

-superior materials and precision production (specs are +\- fractions of a millimeter  ease installation, in the case of the R-hop fight bio bb residue contamination, and in the case of the ice variants tolerate extreme cold weather. The genuine R-hop is backed by thousands of hours of testing and subject to incessant CQI (constant quality improvement) to assure the highest functionality for end line users. 

-extreme long life. A challenge was issued years ago for a worn-out R-hop. Nobody was able to claim the price. HSA's own testing was unable to find a limit. 

-separtion of friction component from airseal component. Many hopups which seal very well do not apply backspin well and vice versa. The problem is especially acute in high power setups with hard hop rubbers and heavy ammo. This divorces the two of each other allowing previously unattainable levels of accuracy particularly in high power long range guns.

-ease of installation. The Z-kits benefit from an extremely large sample size, precision manufacturing, and fanatical quality control to consistenty deliver easy high performance installs, often in 15 minutes or less even for first tme Z-kit users. Don't believe it? It was captured full length being installed by a user who'd never used a Z-kit before. Check the The Z-kit Explained for more info. 

The Z-kit is now available for the R-hop and IR-hop, and is the easy install version of the coming in three convenient sizes which fit 99% of barrel windows and sacrifices none of the R-hop's legendary performance. Extended length Z-kits are available as well. When ordering please specify R or IR-hop, orders which do not specify will be shipped the original ice variant. There are also a series of R-hop installation aids visible under Concepts and IN STOCK under Other Products

12$ shipped U.S. (+1$ international) for a pack of three R-hops™
16$ shipped U.S. (+1$ international) for a pack of three IR-hops™
18$ shipped U.S. (+1$ international) for the easy-install Z-kit™ (please specify RZ or IRZ when ordering)

Also available are extended R-hops (ER-hops). This enlarges your barrel's hop window, by several times in some cases, allowing for a much longer contact with the round. This facilitates extremely consistent spin and incredible accuracy on high mass ammo. ER-hops can technically be applied to most setups, however lower power guns shooting less than .3s tend to be touchy and tend not to showcase performance. For these reasons extended R-hops are only recommended for setups using  ≥.36g ammo. 

17$ shipped U.S. (+1$ international) for a pack of two ER-hops™
21$ shipped U.S. (+1$ international) for a pack of two IER-hops™ 
23$ shipped U.S. (+1$ international) for the easy install extended Z-kit™
(please specify ERZ or IERZ when ordering)


R-hop FAQ
R-hop Manual

Skag187 (Skag187@gmail.com) is the exclusive U.S. certified installer. If you feel you don't have the skill to do an install yourself, but still want the performance, he can handle it for you. Skag187 is the ONLY certified installer for HSA at this time, THERE ARE NO OTHERS. Why is this pertinent? Its been brought up that a number of individuals are making bogus claims of HSA endorsement.



The M-nub and EM-nub are designed to be the perfect partner to the R-hop and ER-hop respectively. The M-nub is a nub, or hop packing to use the archaic term, designed to provide soft even pressure on hop buckings in virtually ALL PLATFORMS WHICH USE A STANDARD CHAMBER PACKING. It can function well with standard hops and flat-hop style hops, but was designed to be the premium packing for use with all R-hop variants. It is highly thermally stable, allowing complete functionality when paired with the IR-hop, and adhesive backed so unlike conventional hops it won't be constantly falling out of your hop chamber. Most importantly though it has very low lateral expansion for its vertical deformation. In English this means that, unlike a conventional rubber nub which has to squish outward in order to be compressed vertically, this doesn't. This means that when its boxed in, trapped in your hop chamber on all sides and under your hop arm, IT STILL BEHAVES AS A SOFT NUB which is unlike many other nubs/rubbers users substitute which may feel soft but have a fixed volume. Don't let appearances deceive you, it also produces exceptional concavity, despite its visually flat surface. Installation is straightforward, although there is an in-depth manual. NOW IMPROVED!

11$ shipped U.S. (+1$ international) for a pack of 2 M-nubs

15$ shipped U.S. (+1$ international) for a pack of 2 EM-nubs

(image is of the inside of a G&P hop chamber with installed M-nub visible in the center)


Mystikal, of mystikals-customs, is now producing Hunterseeker Armory FETs as well as offering precision airsmithing services. They are built using the same components and techniques, but are produced and sold exclusively by Mystikal.

 I currently offer a line of extreme power mosfets which are capable of using 18.5v lithium polymer batteries or a car battery. I have done everything imaginable to test them, from running them on car batteries, to repeatedly rapidly cycling them on and off on high power batteries to try and make them fail. NOTHING. I was able to run them until the motor was smoking, but the fet was still cool to the touch. They also include full voltage spike protection, and some thermal self resetting fuses so you will never have to replace a blown fuse ever again, but are fully protected from shorts which would cause a lipo to explode. In addition to the well documented advantages of protecting your trigger contacts, these mosfets are also ultra low resistance which increases your ROF and system efficiency over trigger contacts alone. Mosfets are a necessity to protect your trigger contacts over 9.6v and are an absolute necessity to call any gun "lipo ready." They are in my opinion the single most important upgrade part, and are installed in every gun I own. Each one is custom built to order so any special requests I can likely accommodate.

All mosfet units I offer do not come with active braking. This is done deliberately to increase the reliability and power handling capability of the units, while reducing strain on your gun and reducing motor heat buildup.


Tappet Delayer Cam
A sector chip, or tappet delayer, is designed to extend air nozzle retraction duration. This design is applicable to many different gear sets, some with a little modification. In its current configuration it provides maximum retraction time, and in some guns may need to be trimmed down to facilitate airseal. Material removal from the cam is typically done from the release side. This model has markings as a reference point for said modification. This project was done in collaboration with Clandestine Airsoft.

3$ (+7$ U.S. shipping, international not available) Tappet Delayer Cam STOCK NOW!