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Airsoft Tools and Accessories

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CNC Cleaning Rod (chemical resistant)
CNC IS MOAR BETTER!!!! Humor aside, these are effectively a production version of a tool used by HSA to service guns for years. They're solvent resistant, flexible, with no head to pull off, and practically indestructible. Great for ramming out jams, scrubbing out bio BB residue, or giving your barrel that deep clean with harsh solvents like acetone that dissolve your typical glued-on-end ABS cleaning rod. Coil one up and keep it stashed in a pocket or pouch on your plate carrier. An indispensable tool. Credit to Anachro12 for giving me the initial inspiration for these so many years ago. Please note these ship coiled up in a flat rate box, so will arrive slightly curved. They can be readily straitened, although don't need to be in order to function well. I've carried one which has been coiled for years, exposed to nasty solvents, rammed down barrels, and still functions as well as the day I got it. 

7$ (+7$ U.S. shipping, international not available) 500mm Cleaning Rod
11$ (+7$ U.S. shipping, international not available) 760mm Cleaning Rod

Assembly Clips (ARL Clip & Trigger Clip)
How many times have you fought to close the gearbox, only to have the ARL or trigger slip and lose it, or manage to close the box only to find one of them isn't seated? No more! These clips have two different size ends, and attach to most ARLs and triggers. The clip itself is thin enough at the ends so that, by the time the GB halves are pinching it, all axles/components should be retained in their various bushings, holes, slots, and rails. The clip is then simply pulled out, and the GB squeezed the rest of the way closed. This ingenious little time-saver is a must-have for both novices and experienced techs alike. 

7$ (+7$ U.S. shipping, international not available) ARL Clip
8$ (+7$ U.S. shipping, international not available) Trigger Clip

Bore Lapping Components
THIS IS NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH BORE POLISHING!!!! The basic concept behind bore lapping is to significantly improve the surface finish, finish consistency, and diameter consistency of airsoft bores without significantly altering ID, damaging the bore, or inducing any spiral micro-scratches. This tool is capable of applying an EXTREMELY high level of finish in the bores of steel and brass barrels.
The manual may be found HERE.
Specialty abrasives for lapping available HERE.

Dealer inquiries welcome for complete kits with abrasives, rods, and laps.

24$ (+7$ U.S. shipping, international not available) 10 pack laps V.8 + alignment jig
10$ (+7$ U.S. shipping, international not available) 3 pack pre-embedded laps

Crown Enhancers
These are the fourth generation of crown enhancers. Rather than using the previous spiral design to push abrasive and cutting fluid ahead of them, and a subtle taper to facilitate progress, these use a series of panels semi-flexibly set. This increases cutting surface, which in turn increases cut rate and makes cutting less depth sensitive. Available in packs of 10 with round shanks for easy attachment to your drill/lathe. 

25$ (+7$ U.S. shipping, international not available) Crown Enhancer v.4 Round Shank (10pk)

Barrel Scraper/Cleaner
This concept originally arose originally from discussions where excessively "waxy" lapping compound was applied and was difficult to clean out. Subsequent experimentation and design iterations resulted in something which not only can clean waxy contamination, but which can pull shocking quantities of debris out of barrels which would otherwise have been thought clean. (having been swabbed with the traditional bore cleaning method) Stubborn deposits, particularly those from bb residue, are not readily removed via cleaning swabs or even some stronger solvents. Please note this gen is compatible with widebore barrels such as the Orga Magnus. These are reusable, and can be washed, so THESE ARE NOT ONE TIME USE! Also please note that in order to feed this past the hop window, the user may need to manually press on the the hop to un-latch the scraper. If this is undesirable, the tool may be cut in half and fed backward though the barrel, albeit with reduced scraping efficiency.

16$ (+7$ U.S. shipping, international not available) 10 pack scrapers - OOS

Universal Thread Adapter (14mm)
This is a universal 14mm thread adapter. It will connect any two 1.0 pitch 14mm threads together. That means 14mm CCW to 14mm CW, 14mm CW to 14mm CCW, or even 14mm CCW to 14mm CCW if you so desired. It does this by having two parallel threads, one CW and one CCW, cut into both the male and female ends. Credit to Specs159 for this design and application.

OOS - 15$ (+7$ U.S. shipping, international not available) for a Universal Thread Adapter (WT) - OUT OF STOCK
17$ (+7$ U.S. shipping
, international not available) for a Universal Thread Adapter (BK)

R-hop Installation Aid
Credit goes to Maekii for coming up with the general concept of this. Check out his youtube channel. The tool is two part. First there is the rod component. It may be wrapped in abrasive to work the channels or radius the leading and trailing edges of the R-hop. It also acts as a spring, allowing it to precisely conform to a the full range of 6mm airsoft barrel bores which makes it ideal for Z-kit type installation. The other part is a U shaped channel which holds the outside of the R-hop to the correct spec so the channel or edges can easily be worked on. It also matches the outside surface of the barrel, so can be used to substitute installation into the hop chamber when testing BB passage through the R-hop. The base of the U is also intended to be clamped in a vice, so that you do not press on the U shaped part and alter the ID. This is an incredibly useful tool for installing the R-hop, be it Z-kit variants or otherwise.

(+7$ U.S. shipping, international not available) for an R-hop Installation Aid V.6

Extreme Load Piston/Gear Treatment
The release tooth on pistons and sector gears endures extreme loads on release which prematurely wears both parts. This can lead to partial engagement of other teeth, retarding performance, and ultimately leading to premature component failure. This treatment welds a layer of high lubricity tungsten carbide to the face of the your piston or gear set which will practically halt wear on that component. This treatment DOES NOT need to be paired on both the piston and sector gear; it can be applied to just one if desired.

(dealer inquiries only)

Carbon Fiber Mock Suppressors, Handguards, Shrouds, Amplifiers, and Stocks
These components are ultra light weight, the suppressors and shrouds often come in at less than the metal flash hiders they replace. (amplifiers tip the scales at about 3/4ths of an ounce) They also, being carbon fiber, look absolutely stunning. They are generally available in 14mm CW, CCW and DTT (dual thread technology which incorporates both into one suppressor) as well as the standard AR receiver thread, although specialty threads have been accommodated in the past like 13mm Asahi. Standard lengths are 100mm, 200mm, 300mm, and 400mm. Please note these are compatible with a special variant of the EZ-LRB™ or can be ordered with the EZ-LRB instead of the standard front. How light is light? @400mm one suppressor weighed in at a scant 3.3 ounces. A gun fully equipped and ready to fire including optics and loaded mag can, with these carbon accessories, weigh in at less than 2.5Kg or 5.5 pounds. And this isn't referring to some tiny plastic body CQB monster, those can tip the scales well below 2Kg, this is a full snarling DMR with 40mm glass, 600mm of outer barrel, and 400mm or suppressor with full RIS. Contrast that against the 5+ kilos of another more traditional "light" AR variant fully loaded.

(dealer inquiries only)

R-hop Installation
Hunterseeker Armory official installed R-hops are lovingly hand fitted like no other. Quality, performance, and broad compatibility are at their utmost. These are proven strong sellers. Some restrictions on barrels and options apply. 

(dealer inquiries only)

Hunterseeker Armory Airsoft Calculator
Frustrated with apps, websites, and other so called airsoft calculatrors, Hunterseeker Armory has long used a 
simple spreadsheet to quickly make basic airsoft conversions and calculations. This has been available free to anyone who asked, but it became apparent the number of people who knew to ask was limited. It is an extremely basic spreadsheet with formulae in almost universal ODS format, and now XLSX. It is requested that this calculator is not redistributed because, while it obviously could be, it is constantly being tweaked and updated so acquiring it direct from HSA assures the most current gen. 

FPS/MPS/J conversion
Short Stroking Loss Estimator
ROF Estimator
Volume Balancing Estimator (experimental)
Battery Life Estimator
Optimal Current Draw Estimator
Bore Diameter Loss Estimator (experimental) 

For interested parties, please use the Contact page to contact HSA and request the spreadsheed with the subject line "HSA Airsoft Calculator Request." Please note, a basic understanding of spreadsheets and of course Open Office or Google Docs (both free), are prerequisites of utilizing this tool. Also quick shout-out to AM user Rogers for his consultation on the battery use feature. 

FREE (see details above) 

HS5's Ultimate Airsoft Compendium
HS5's attempt to compile a personal vision for the ultimate airsoft compendium. Despite being a perpetual work in progress, it contains a little something for everyone, new and experienced techs alike. Best of all, its available free to anyone with an Airsoft Mechanics account. So welcome to HS5's Ultimate Airsoft Compendium.

FREE (see details above)